Ruffa on Yilmaz: "I forgive him for what he said."

"Sabi niya ako daw si Brutus. My God! I think I look more like Olive Oyl!" exclaimed Ruffa in an interview with The Buzz.

Ruffa Gutierrez arrived in Manila last Saturday, June 2, with her mother Annabelle Rama and her two daughters Lorin and Venice. Ruffa flew in from her "self-imposed hiatus" in the United States.

Days before, Ruffa's estranged husband, Yilmaz Bektas, gave an interview with ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau Chief Danny Buenafe in the Bektas's Acarkent home in Turkey. The Turkish businessman revealed his feelings about his separation from the Filipina beauty queen-actress.

"I think [her] name have to be traitor and I'm calling her name now Brutus," said Yilmaz, referring to the famous Shakespearean character who befriended Julius Caesar only to stab Caesar in the end.

Ruffa's interview, allegedly saying that she was not happy with her husband and that she was only staying in the marriage because of their daughters, was said to have triggered Yilmaz's decision to finally divorce Ruffa.

As expected, entertainment reporters flocked to the the airport last Saturday, June 2, waiting to get a reaction from Ruffa.

"Sabi niya ako daw si Brutus. My God! I think I look more like Olive Oyl!" exclaimed Ruffa in an interview with The Buzz.

"Hindi ko pa napapanood ‘yong interview, so dapat siguro panoorin ko muna," she said in a more serious tone. "As of now, I stand by what I said before, that he's the father of my children and I will always respect him. Siguro si Yilmaz was just emotional during that time. Siyempre nandiyan ‘yong hurt, nandiyan ‘yong healing process, nandiyan ‘yong moving on process. Siguro kami pareho, we're still on the hurting process. So if we get to say things it's because masyado tayong emotional. So I'll forgive him for what he said."


In his interview, Yilmaz said that it was he who asked Ruffa for a divorce.

Ruffa clarified, "Dapat lang siguro na siya ang unang mag-file ng divorce because he's a foreigner, di ba? I'm a Filipino citizen, so I think it would be better if he would do it kasi mas madali. So the easier, the better for everyone. Ever since we announced that we wanted to have an annulment, it was understood na we will file for an annulment. Siyempre mag-asawa kami, we have kids, so it's a process. It's a long process that we're gonna have to do."

Yilmaz was also said to have been hurt that he was accused of being a wife beater.

Ruffa defended herself, "Wala naman akong sinasabing ganoon, e. If you watch the interview, I never said anything and up to this day, I still haven't said anything. Wala akong magagawa diyan kung ‘yong interview ko sa The Buzz na umiyak ako, so I guess doon niya napanood ‘yon [kasi] lumabas sa Fox News sa Turkey."

Ruffa noted that she and her husband have agreed not to talk.

"Sana you respect the seven years that we were together, the way that I respect the seven years that we were together. ‘Yon lang. Sana we'll move on in a nice way, na no saying of bad words to each other. I forgive you. I understand that you're emotional," said Ruffa in her message to Yilmaz.

MOM'S THE WORD. Annabelle, who accompanied Ruffa to the US, admitted that she hasn't seen Yilmaz's interview yet. Still, Annabelle was asked to comment on her son-in-law's allegation that Ruffa didn't have time for the kids and always left the kids with the nannies.


"Kasama naman palagi ni Ruffa ang mga bata. Sometimes hindi niya kasama kasi nasa trabaho si Ruffa, pero pag wala siyang trabaho, talagang kasama niya," explained Annabelle in an interview, also with The Buzz.

She added, "Siya [Yilmaz] ‘yong tawag nang tawag every minute, so hindi ko sinasagot ang telepono dahil ayaw niyang sumagot din naman... Ipinapasa ko doon sa yaya para yaya ang sumagot. Sumasagot naman siya. Kinakausap niya ‘yong mga bata."

Annabelle also hasn't changed her position about Lorin and Venice staying with Ruffa.

"Ang mga bata kay Ruffa, ‘yon ang ipaglalaban namin," she stressed. "Nasa Miami siya [Yilmaz], e. Kaya nga hindi ako makauwi ng Pilipinas ahead of Ruffa kasi takot ako na baka biglang dumating sa LA [Los Angeles], baka biglang sumunod si Ruffa."

She noted, "Pero right now, haping-happy ako sa nangyari kasi si Ruffa parang nawalan ng tinik sa dibdib niya. Parang nakakalimutan na niya ‘yong mga nangyari sa kanya. Unlike noong last two weeks, alam kong nagsa-suffer talaga siya. Parang naguguluhan siya kung babalik o hindi. Pero right now, haping-happy ako kasi napapansin ko si Ruffa, parang nakalampas na sa ganoong klaseng gulo."

Annabelle ended with a message for Yilmaz: "Yilmaz, if you're watching me now, leave Ruffa alone. Be happy. Move on. That's it. If you plan to see your daughters, come to the Philippines. You're welcome [to] talk to them, but not Ruffa."





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