Gretchen Barretto will break her silence when she's "good and ready"

Embattled actress Gretchen Barretto momentarily breaks her silence amidst the controversy over photos of her and John Estrada that circulated on the Internet last week.

Earlier today, actor John Estrada sent out a statement to the media regarding his controversial photos with Gretchen Barretto. In that statement, John apologized to Gretchen and said, "No one has the right to judge Ms. Gretchen. She is a good person... She does not deserve all the ugly talk."

John also admitted that it was his phone that was used to take the two controversial photos that circulated on the Internet last week.

Last Sunday, June 10, through her manager Boy Abunda, Gretchen admitted that those photos of her and John were authentic. The said photos were taken at the birthday party of their common friend Rufa Mae Quinto last May 27, 2007.

But aside from admitting and saying that she was disappointed over the malicious circulation of those photos, no further statement was heard from Gretchen. By Gretchen's silence, the public was left with unanswered questions.

Then, around 10:25 tonight, June 13, YES! magazine and PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) Editor-in-Chief Jo-Ann Maglipon received a text message from Gretchen herself.

The following is Gretchen's text message to Jo-Ann, which was also sent to select members of the entertainment press:

"Pardon my silence. When I'm good and ready, I shall face the world regardless of the price I must pay. I am in awe with the kind of understanding, endless love, and overflowing of patience that Tony gives. These are big enough for the countless mistakes I make. I can say that I value these the most. I'm now comforted with Tony's tight and long hugs, the only craving that could possibly ease the hurt and shame."


Of course, Gretchen was talking about her partner, businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco, with whom she has a daughter, Dominique.

After reading Gretchen's text message, Jo-Ann replied with this message: "This sounds like it comes from the heart."

Then Gretchen texted back, "It could only come from the heart."





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