Rosanna Roces still mad at Dr. Vicki Belo, according to polygraph

"Hindi na," answered Rosanna Roces (right) when asked by her son Onyok if she is still mad at Dr. Vicki Belo (left). But the lie detector test said otherwise, which prompted Osang to call the lie detector expert "Sinungaling!"

Actress Rosanna Roces subjected herself to a lie detector test when she graced Boy Abunda's morning talk show, Homeboy, earlier today, June 14.

Today's episode touched on the topic of close family ties through good and bad times. Osang was with son Onyok, along with other guests, Marjorie Barretto and children, and the sister-brother tandem of Ian and Matet de Leon.

To spice up the conversation, the show invited an authorized polygraph test expert to conduct one on Osang while Onyok probed his mom with interesting questions.

The former sexy actress fared well at the start but floundered when asked by Onyok if she's still angry with Dr. Vicki Belo.

"Hindi na," Osang replied without batting an eyelash.

With everyone's attention shifting to the lie detector expert, the entire studio erupted with laughter when the expert made a thumbs-down sign, indicating that the actress was lying.

"Sinungaling!" Osang good-naturedly exclaimed to the expert.

Onyok then proceeded to ask if his Mom did evade the law by hiding when three policemen went to their Quezon City residence last June 1 with an arrest warrant. The said court issued warrant was in connection with the libel case filed by Dr. Belo against Rosanna. The libel case was already dismissed last June 6.

"Oo!" Osang replied, which was affirmed by the polygraph test expert.

"Wala tayong pambayad ng piyansa, anak," she then explained to Onyok.

In typical Rosanna Roces fashion, the actress then went on speaking with unabashed honesty, which made the audience laugh even more.

"Namimili nga ako kung ipambabayad ko ng kuryente o ng piyansa ‘yong pera, pero mas pinili ko ‘yong kuryente."





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