Yilmaz Bektas plans to wed Ruffa Gutierrez anew

"I want to propose to her [Ruffa Gutierrez] again in to get married with me," Yilmaz Bektas bravely confessed in an interview with Saksi.

Yilmaz Bektas wants a second crack at love, or marriage to be exact.

"My cousin is here bringing her ring. Ruffa's ring for the proposal. I want to propose to her again to get married with me. I'm really looking for the correct time. I first want to get the blessing from her family," Yilmaz said frankly in an interview aired last night, August 21, in Saksi.

As of the moment, that desire to gain the nod of Ruffa Gutierrez's parents remains bleak as Annabelle Rama publicly announced that she's not yet ready to face her former son-in-law.

And he understands it: "I would like to talk to them [but] maybe it's not really the correct moment."

Yilmaz has repeatedly reiterated his longing to win Ruffa's heart once more after a much publicized separation that dragged on for weeks and even hogged national headlines.

Since his arrival last week, many are still puzzled whether the controversial pair had already reconciled. The Turkish businessman refused to give any clear details during the interview.

"I don't know, I cannot speak with her side because she's keeping her interview after I left. I don't know what's the reason. Let's see what she's gonna say like whatever I said, already I say I'm here for them," he smiled.

Yilmaz was scheduled to leave the country last night. He stressed that he'll visit the country again and by that time, he hopes that his family would finally be complete.





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