Michelle Madrigal turns over a spicier and sexier leaf on "FHM"

"I know my limitations. Kung may work akotomorrow, hindi na ako lalabas tonight," says Michelle Madrigal about being branded as a "gimikera."

"September is officially the Madrigal sisters' month!" MichelleMadrigal proudly declares. It has been exactly a year since one of her siblings,big sister Ehra Madrigal no less, posed for the number one men's magazine inthe country, skyrocketing her career to full force after. This September, it'sMichelle's turn to shine as she graces the cover of FHM for the first time.

Since Michelle's showbiz debut via the reality talent searchStar Circle Quest on ABS-CBN four years ago, she has blossomed from asweet-looking teen star to a sexy vixen, landing a slew of kontrabida roles toadd to her growing showbiz resume. But Michelle regards these roles highly, thankfulthat she can express herself better with the bad girl characters she portrays.Having been branded as such even off-cam, Michelle doesn't deny the obvious."To me, you can't please everyone. I'm just enjoying my youth," she says.

Having just turned 18 last year, there's already been a lotgoing for her, from the time she decided to live on her own at the tender ageof 16. What does Michelle think is the hardest part of living alone?

"Ayaw kokasing natatahimik at home, natutulala ako. That's why I go out," she explains.

This may be the reason why she has lived the gimikera life that she is wildlyknown for.

"I like to be with my friends, so ‘yong image ko naging ganoon na—gimikera."Even with her party girl ways, Michelle sets her priorities straight. "I knowmy limitations. Kung may work ako tomorrow, hindi na ako lalabas tonight," she explains.


As little sister to former FHM cover girl Ehra Madrigal, andworking for competing networks, the two are perpetually in comparison underthe media's gossip-hungry eyes. But Michelle is quick to defend herrelationship with her sister. "It's not because we wanted to compete, it justhappened."

Although both are blessed with sultry and sexy looks that they haveobviously inherited from their mother, former '80s bold star Karla Kahlua,Michelle admits that she and Ehra are as different as night and day.

"Tahimiksiya, maingay ako. Siguro tama na rin yung ganung magkaiba kami ng personality."

Though poles apart in a lot of ways, Michelle is excitedly awaiting the time when sheand Ehra will be given the opportunity to work together. "For now, it's nicefor us two to rule FHM!"

Graba copy of the September issue of FHMfor more of Michelle Madrigal. FHM isnow available at magazine stands and bookstores.





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