Martin Nievera not yet invited to ex-wife Pops Fernandez's anniversary concert

Pops Fernandez will stage a major concert in December to commemorate her 25th year in show business. Since her ex-husband Martin Nievera has been a major part of those years in Pops's career, many are expecting that she will ask Martin to be one of her guests. But Pops, who is still not on speaking terms with Martin, said that she has not yet issued her invitation.

Martin Nievera has not yet been invited to the upcoming concert of his ex-wife Pops Fernandez scheduled on December 7 at the Araneta Coliseum. Pops will be celebrating her 25th anniversary in the music industry as the reigning Concert Queen.

Based on the Startalk interview with the former couple yesterday, September 15, there was a misunderstanding about Martin's possible guesting at the concert.

"Baka akala ni Martin we're committing him without him knowing. Ang nangyari kasi nga, e, it came out even before we decided. I think, Arnold [Vegafria, Pops's manager] kasi was quoted that he wanted to invite Martin. Kumbaga lumabas 'yon bago pa siya na-invite," Pops explained.

"If I'm in town and I'm really invited and they really want me, there's no reason why I would not say ‘No'," Martin replied.

HE SAID, SHE SAID. In that same interview, Martin admitted they are not yet on speaking terms and that Pops hasn't been replying to his text messages.

Pops, though, denies it. "No, that's not true. When it comes to my kids. I text him back."

Pops continued, "Martin is the type who never calls and just would send you long messages. Texting kasi is so impersonal. Sometimes kasi when you text, okay yung tone mo, pero yung nakakabasa sa kabilang side, iba na yung tone. Sometimes, that's where a lot of misunderstanding happens... Kumbaga, nagkaroon kami ng samaan ng loob because everything was done through texting. Siguro, mga isang beses lang ako hindi nakasagot sa kanya."

Regarding the rift between the two, Pops believes that Martin doesn't know yet the reason why she got hurt.


Martin, however, clarifies that he's not waiting for Pops to make the first move. He believes that it should be him doing the first move but is just waiting for things to cool off.

Pops agrees that the right time will happen.

It will be recalled that their spat was caused by the "monkey"issue. Katrina Ojeda, Martin's partner, reportedly called Robin and Ram"monkeys" when they stayed at the former's house in the U.S. nine yearsago.

When the story reached Pops, she was hurt. In herinterview with a showbiz talk show, she said, “I'm very, very upset.I'm crying because hindi ko malabas yung anger ko. As a mother I don'tthink it's fair for my kids."

Katrina rebutted theclaims of the Concert Queen's friends and recalled the incident. Shesaid the word "monkeys" was taken out of context. "Martin’s kids brokehis bed in half! They were jumping up and down like monkeys so the bedbroke," were her words.

JOMARI YLLANA. Meanwhile, Martin said that Pops's current boyfriend, Jomari Yllana, is still giving the Concert King silent treatment—a sign that Jomari could still be sympathizing with Pops.

According to Martin, who was going to have dinner with his sons one time, did try to invite Jomari to join them.

Pops commented, "I think he didn't get the text right away. So, by the time yata nakapangatalong text na [si Martin], doon niya lang nakita."





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