Martin Nievera on Pops’s revelations in "YES!": "The best reaction is not to have one."

"After of all the things that she's been saying on TV, I don't really have that much right right now to say anything," Martin said in reaction to the disclosure of Pops in her YES! magazine interview.

In an exclusive interview with Startalk, Martin Nievera was asked to comment about the revelations made by his ex-wife Pops Fernadez in the October issue of Yes! Magazine.

Pops exposed a series of events in the last three years of their marriage regarding Martin's infidelity, which she had kept to herself at the time.

"I think the best reaction is not to have one. If I had a reaction, the best thing is to not make it any bigger than it already is. So, I'd rather keep my comments and feelings. I would be lying if I said it wasn't a painful thing to read," Martin said.

But Martin admits that Pops was truly upset by his actions years ago.

"She's still a woman who's still hurting from the pain I caused years ago. Maybe it's still hurting her. I don't know what else to do to make her feel better, to make her feel–" Martin said as he tried to collect his thoughts.

He admits though that he has been trying to contact Pops. But she has been adamant in her recent interviews that she deserves more than a text from Martin.

Martin said that he had also been invited to the upcoming concert of Pops this December. However, it was Pops' manager, Arnold Vegafria who gave the invitation. Martin felt that it would be better if it came from Pops herself.

And at this point Martin tries to hold back tears that are starting to well up.

"I don't need an invitation. Pops is much as part of my twenty five years as I am of hers. Rightfully so, I should be there with or without an invitation. But having said that, sa dami ng nangyayari ngayon, I really don't feel that I am welcome."


"I have not lost one ounce of love for Pops. She can say whatever she wants," said Martin as he ended his interview.





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