Joey de Leon promises to return to "Startalk"

Veteran comedian-TV host Joey de Leon has not reported back to Startalk but in a phone patch, he said that he will definitely return to the show.

The much anticipated return of Joey de Leon to Startalk last Saturday, September 22, did not happen.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) earlier reported that the veteran comedian-TV host will be back on the show after filing an indefinite leave of absence the previous week. Joey's decision to file a leave of absence in Startalk was triggered by a memorandum issued to him by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) and GMA-7 stating guidelines on how he should conduct himself on the show. These guidelines prohibit him from saying anything against Willie and Wowowee and about the "Wilyonaryo" controversy and from wearing t-shirts with double meaning.

Joey though did make his presence felt through a phone patch with his co-hosts.

"Medyo may mga problema ako ngayon. Mayroong diperensiya," Joey said to co-host Lorna Tolentino. "Naging color-blind ako lately. Iisa lang ang kulay ko sa paligid ko. Parang color violet lang ang nakikita ko."

"Lagi lang akong nasa auto. Lagi lang akong nasa ‘o-too.' Narinig mo ba?" wanting to emphasize his point with Lorna.

The witty comedian-TV host was obviously referring to the controversial game of Eat Bulaga's rival TV show Wowowee hosted by WillieRevillame. The jackpot portion of the "Wilyonaryo" segment involved two controversial numbers (0 and 2).

The controversial TV host continued his conversation with Startalk co-host Lorna Tolentino.

"Saka hindi ako makagamit ng cell phone, LT," he said. "Nagkaroon ako ng fear na gumamit ng cell phone. May gusto akong tawagan, kunyari landline. Hindi kasi ako makatawag dahil magsisimula sa ‘o-too'," with emphasis on the last phrases of his sentence. He was of course referring this time to the landline area code (o2) used when calling from a cell phone.


Asked by Lorna, if he was coming back, Joey replied: "Natural! Nami-miss ko na nga kayo."

Joey did not mince more words during that phone patch.

"Isa lang masasabi ko. Tahimik na ako ngayon. I am not a violet person," Joey said. He was again referring to the color of the wheel in the "Wilyonaryo" segment.

"Salamat nami-miss ko na kayo. At ano malay niyo, baka gulatin ko na lang kayo bigla diyan, LT, " Joey said, much to Lorna's delight.





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