Rock-star aspirants meet top Pinoy rockers in JB Music’s "Musikhero"

The Dawn's Buddy Zabala will join the other finest rock musicians of the country for JB Music's Musikhero three-day Music Camp. The Camp will be held in Baguio City starting September 30.

Almost 400 guitarists, bassists, and drummers appeared at the pre-event auditions of JB Music’s Musikhero at the Trinoma Mall thisafternoon, September 25.

The musicians showed offtheir skills to some of the country’s top musicians to get a spot in theupcoming Music Camp in Baguio City on Septmber 30.

From among the many registered aspirants, JB Music will choose 25musicians—drummers, bassists, and lead guitarists—for the three-dayMusic Camp.

Jerico Salonga Fernando, JB Music’s vice president forOperations and Marketing, explained that their main goal is to educate thechosen musicians formally. Hesaid, “Parang we have a lot of good musicians but konti lang iyong formallytrained or konti lang ang na-mentor ng mga top musicians natin.

“Ito, dito na, jam with the best, mentor with the best. From there, it’s easily na maa-absorb nilathan picking it by experience. Ito,it’s three days, non-stop, from morning to evening.”

He added that they were not looking for anyparticular quality in a musician. Theevent is open to anybody who really has the urge to play music. He said, “Basta top 25 who are good in theircraft that want to be better, who wants to be trained and mentor by these topmusicians. May banda o wala, may albumo wala, [as long as] you have the passion, you have the guts, and you’re openlearn more, then you’re welcome here.”

Fernando said that the Camp is a good chance for the chosenmusicians to learn more from some of the music icons of the Philippines, likeMike Alba, Chikoy Pura of The Jerks, and Jun Lopito.


Lead guitarists like Francis Reyes (The Dawn), Mike Elgar(Rivermaya), and Ira Cruz (Bamboo) will also be there to give some tips.

The basics in bass guitar will bediscussed by Buddy Zabala (The Dawn), Japs Sergio (Rivermaya), Rommel dela Cruz(Freestyle), and Louie Talan (Razorback).

Of course, a band would not be complete without the drummer, so JunRegalado, Vic Mercado (Bamboo), Mark Escueta (Rivermaya), JB Leonor (The Dawn),and Ernie Severino (Side A) will be there to guide the participants.

“They’re at the top and they’ve been mentoring a lot of thepopular bands now,” commented Fernando.

He added, “Warm up pa lang, alam na nila kung magaling ohindi ang tao. So we give them twominutes if they want to show off, pero within that fifty seconds alam na kungmagaling o hindi. Our teams are good enough to see if magaling o hindi to makethe cut. Combined na lahat iyan—timing,how clean it is. They know more than Ido, that’s why l leave the job with them.”

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked, whatwill happen during the music camp?

“It’s a music camp, youwake up talking, breathing, eating, doing everything related with music, andsleeping and dreaming with all these musicians. For three days, non-stop, no stress, no worries becauseeverything is free—transportation, food, and hotel. So there’s no excuse not to learn.”

Aside from the camp experience, the 25 chosen participantswill also get an endorsement contract each from JB Music. And the top five musicians will have a chanceto perform at the London International Music Fest.


Fernando said, “They get to be endorsers of JB Music,endorsers for the top musical instruments world wide. They’ll be in the website, in the catalogues, you know. And the top jamming group will perform inLondon Music Festival, in the same stage with Oasis and all those U.K. bands—allexpense paid.”

The JB Music executive also added that they’ve tied up withVirgin Records. So when these musiciansmake their own music they can put it there online for downloads and, at thesame time, for exposure.

PEP also asked Fernando if there were plans to forma band out of these 25 participants. He replied, “That’s an option but our mainfocus is to give them experience. Whathappens from there, we will support them but we don’t wanna lose focus onparang making the band and creating the band.Our main focus here is teaching with the top musicians to be bettermusicians.”

Fernando said they decided to create theevent to give back to the music industry what JB Music hasreceived in the past years. “It’s JB Music’s way of giving back to musicians what they have given to us inour over thirty years in this business.”

Meanwhile, while checking the event, PEP had the chance to ask The Dawn's Buddy Zabala—one of the judges for bass guitarists—about tips thathe would give to the aspiring rock stars, specifically bass guitar players.

“More than anything else, dapat masayangkasama, madaling kausap. Dapat madaling kasama kasi pagsasama naman angpagbabanda, e, it’s not just about skill.You can be the most skilled musician out there pero kapag hindi mokasundo ang mga kasama mo, what’s the point?


“Creativity is supposed to be a sharing, creating better [music] kasi may kasama kang ego, may kasama kang mind. And then you should know some of thebasics—how to play properly, how to play with the band, how to sound, andeventually what to look like para bumagay ka naman.”





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