Snooky Serna confesses harrowing experience as a rape victim

By coming out in the open, actress Snooky Serna hopes to send out a strong message to young women out there. "Be careful. You have to use your brains," she advised girls in dealing and trusting male friends and intimates.

When Snooky Serna guested last Wednesday, September 26, in DJ Mo Twister's radio program, she pulled out what was perhaps the greatest shocker—more alarming than one-night stand confessions and intimate dares—encountered by the controversial radio FM show.

Even the usually unruffled Mo said he was caught off-guard by the revelation.

During the program, Snooky bluntly confessed that she was a rape victim at the tender age of 14. A fellow actor purportedly carried out the crime.

But Snooky, now 41 years old, sternly refused to name the assailant out of respect for persons who will be greatly haunted by the unfortunate incident.

"I hope people will respect that I don't want to be so graphic and detailed about it because I have children and I'm not out to embarrass my children nor my family, my friends and even my ex-husband," said Snooky to Showbiz Central host John Lapus yesterday, September 30.

"Let's respect other people. I have feelings too," she politely said when John tried to get the name of the co-star-turned-attacker.


"It happened in the house. That time hindi ako nagsumbong because I was shocked. I was 14. Parang ang feeling ko, I was robbed of my innocence, of my childhood," said the former teen star.

She continued: "I was forcibly made to indulge in that and I'm not proud of it and I don't want to.. sana ayokong ma-prolong ito. I'm so honest for my own ngayon mo naisip yung repercussions na baka mamaya maging malaking issue ito masyado at mapapasama pa yung tao, nananahimik na. I'm sure that he's also sorry for whatever he's done. Ayoko naman magkaroon ng serious repercussion."

SHARING HER DEMONS. Whether one would views it as an appropriate act or not, Snooky confided that she already revealed this dark past even to her children.

"You wouldn't believe it but I also told my children about it. I'm very open about everything in my life sa mga mahal ko sa buhay. Parang I gave them warning. Sabi ko, don't be too naïve. Talagang tatanga-tanga ako no'ng bata ako. I was so innocent. I was so naïve," she repeatedly described herself.


As expected, the harrowing incident stayed with Snooky and consequently left a deep gash in her already fractured self-image.

"Nagkaroon ako ng low self-esteem because I was raped. I was forcibly asked to do something na labag sa loob ko."

The former child actress has been very honest in saying that she was undergoing therapy and medication to alleviate her debilitating bouts with chronic depression. Being a rape victim, as it turned out, was another reason to seek counseling and psychiatric treatment.

"I thank God that with the help of my parents and family support and also psychiatric treatment, I had to go through counseling. Nakatulong ‘yon for me to overcome and to have the strength to tell everyone about it," explained Snooky.





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