Filipinos irked with "Desperate Housewives" racial slur

Teri Hatcher (above), in a scene from the soap Desperate Housewives Season 4 episode, got the attention of Filipino medical practitioners because of her character's racist remarks in one scene.

Popularprimetime TV show Desperate Housewives raised a lot of eyebrows in theFilipino community with the show's September 30 episode in the U.S.

Inone scene of the said episode, a doctor confronts Susan Mayer (played byactress Teri Hatcher) with the news about Susan experiencing menopause. Duringthe doctor's explanation, the uptight Susan cuts him short with an apparentracist slur against Filipino medical schools.

Thefollowing is an excerpt from the controversial episode:

Dr.Mayfair: "I know for a lot of women, the word ‘menopause' has negativeconnotations. The heart ageing, brittle bones, loss of sexual desire...."

SusanMayer: "Before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? ‘Coz I would justlike to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Philippines."

Thatdialogue proved too much for a lot people as they criticized the show'screators and the actress through blogging and online forums. One Filipino inparticular, Dr. Siegfried Perez from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, emailedhis sentiments to GMANews.TV.

"Ihave communicated with fellow members of the health care profession, bothFilipinos and other nationalities alike. We have all come to the conclusionthat this kind of racial slur is a very irresponsible act ...[which] should NEVERbe tolerated in any society, whether in a first world or a third worldcountry," said Dr. Siegfried Perez. The Filipino doctor added that theywould demand the immediate public apology of the show's producers, writers andactors.

Asmost people blame the show's writers, others have turned their eye on actressTeri Hatcher.

"Theactress, Teri Hatcher, should insist not to deliver such dialogs as she justbecame the face of this insult to a country that was once a territory of theUS," posted by an online user from the blogsite, Coffee With Aimee.

TeriHatcher is best remembered as Lois Lane in the now defunct TV series Loisand Clark.

DesperateHousewives is a multi-award winning comedy series which premiered inOctober 2003 and is aired weekly in the U.S. by ABC Network. It is locallyshown on Studio 23. It follows the story of five sexually "desperate"sub-urban housewives living along Wisteria Lane in the fictional American townof Fairview. Aside from Hatcher, the show stars Felicity Huffman (as LynetteScavo), Marcia Cross (Bree Van De Kamp), Nicollette Sheridan(Edie Britt), andEva Longoria (Gabrielle Solis).






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