Paolo Bediones would accept "Philippine Idol" hosting job if offered

"You know, the good thing is that you don't need to be a singer. ‘Coz Ryan Seacrest is not a singer. Ryan Agoncillo (left) is not a singer. I'm not a singer," says Paolo Bediones (right) when asked about hosting Philippine Idol.

Paolo Bediones has already taped three episodes of his new game show, Whammy! Push Your Luck! which will begin airing on Monday, October 8, before 24 Oras. He will be sharing hosting duties with sexy comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto.

Whammy! is an updated and faster-paced version of the game show, Press Your Luck. The daily game show will have three players vying for big bucks and fabulous prizes on a giant electronic board as they try to avoid the dreaded Whammy.

Whammy! is from FremantleMedia, the same group which brought American Idol and The Apprentice to a worldwide audience. Other game shows of the production company include The Price is Right and Family Feud.

When PEP caught up with Paolo at the presscon of Whammy, we asked him about the possibility of hosting another Fremantle franchise. GMA-7 is set to produce Philippine Idol, which is scheduled for a February broadcast.

Ryan Agoncillo did the hosting work of the first Philippine Idol for ABC-5. And this time, the possibility of replacing him is big since Ryan is very much connected to ABS-CBN. Paolo acknowledged that Ryan already did a great job when he hosted the show alone.


"Si Ryan is a great friend," said Paolo. "He's evolved into a fantastic artist, both as an actor and a host. And I'm so proud of where he's gotten to now. It's like I have a little brother. 'Antagal namin pinag-usapan... Showbiz, showbiz, hindi kami sasali diyan. Pero ngayon, we're so into it.

"You know what, if it was offered to me, why not? If Ryan can do it, that would be great, that would be nice, and he came to the Kapuso channel again.

"We always have a good laugh about it. But at the same time, I always look back and I can't help but smile. And you know, when I left the morning show (mornings@GMA), he replaced me and everything. It came to a point na he moved to the other side (ABS-CBN). But we still kept in touch. And he's always acknowledged that I'm the reason why he got into show business. I'm really grateful for that," he recalled.


Would he accept the hosting job in Philippine Idol if it were offered to him?

"Hey, I'm here to work. If work comes my way, I'll go for it. This would be a lot of fun. And if they think that Philippine Idol is for me, then who knows? But wait, that's next year pa ba?" replied Paolo.

Paolo said he would rather focus first on his upcoming daily game show.

"Hopefully, you know, more sponsors come in. We can give bigger and better prizes. Iba yung feeling, especially with Tok! Tok! Tok! (his other game show), with this kind of game show na nakakatulong talaga. You know the situation of the person. Kunwari, magbobote siya or whatever, and they go home with eighty thousand pesos. More money than they have ever seen in their life. Or they go home with a hundred thousand. Iba, iba yung feeling talaga. This is a blessing, doing this show like this."





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