Lucky PEPster Alan Guerrero dates Katrina Halili

Thanks to Fanatxt and PEP's win-a-date promo, Alan Guerrero (right) won the opportunity to date young sexy actress Katrina Halili at Zhu Chinese Cuisine in The Fort, Taguig City, last October 3.You can check out the slideshow by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, October 3, seemed like Alan Guerrero's luckiestday as he got the chance to date FHM Philippines' sexiest woman, Katrina Halili.Alan, a 23-year-old businessman, recounts his story about winning PEP'swin-a-date promo.

"I was just with a friend on the event [FHM's 100 Sexiest Women last July]. Isaw that the PEP booth had the ‘win-a-date with Katrina' on it, so my buddyhelped me register and join," said Alan.

After registering, Alan went on to enjoy the FHM event,oblivious that fate was already preparing something special for theUST Psychology graduate. True enough, more than two weeks later, our dear PEPreader was dutifully contacted by a PEP representative and told him theexciting news.

"Seryoso ba ito?" A sleepy Alan asked as he tried to take ineverything the PEP representative said. Thinking that it might be some kindof joke, he logged on to PEP and sure enough, he found his name etched on the winner'scircle. All he could say after that was, "Wow!"


PREPARING HIMSELF AT THE FORT. Alan arrived at Zhu Chinese Cuisine at The Fort, Taguig City, about an hour earlier. Helooked very excited as the reps from PEP and Fanatxt briefed him about the do'sand don'ts—you never know, he might get too excited!

PEP asked Alan about hisfeeling with all the hype surrounding the much-awaited date and, of course, thethought of having a very sexy celebrity as his kakuwentuhan.

"Excited, I guess!" a beaming Alan said. "I camehere without expecting anything talaga, so you know, it's all in the name offun and having a good time. In terms of carrying a conversation, I don't worrymuch because I believe that it's all in good fun and it is more fun when yourely everything on the moment. I also would like to assume that she's [Katrina] reallynice, and I think that she has nice skin, too."

THE DATE. Katrina arrived at the venue looking utterly sexy in her floral halter dress. Thepouring rain failed to dampen the rising temperature. Katrina became a hotmagnet for onlookers who were transfixed with her morena beauty.


Ourgentleman Alan, who brought flowers beforehand, headed out and greeted Katrina "goodevening" as the cameras flashed, recording this kilig moment. Afterwards, the two entered Zhu restaurant and became engrossed in their conversation as soon as they sat down.

The instant chemistry between Katrina and Alan became evident as they happily chatted amidstthe growing crowd in and outside the restaurant. Their talk was momentarilycut off as the crew from 24 Oras, Startalk, and Saksi took turns to interview them.

With that said and done, it was now time to eat as the hungrycouple checked out the scrumptious food the resto had to offer. PEP found outthat Katrina and Alan were obviously on a diet as they ordered the following: soup, siomai, and the house special's fish fillet. Nonetheless, they werekeener on talking about everything under the sun (or rain) than chewing food.

Katrina and Alan never seemed to run out of stories as theyhappily munched their food. Camera people also managed to take shots of themtrying very hard to grip their food with chopsticks.


SMALL TALK. After their meal, PEP got an updateon the couple's status.

How was Alan as a date?

"Good boy siya," Katrina replied as Alan flashed a quicksmile. "Enjoy! Kung hindi enjoy, nag-walkout na ako, no!"

Katrina also confirmed that both of them are really on adiet and shared her dieting tips to the eager Alan.

With Katrina's very busy schedule, she still took the timeto accept this date. What made her do it?

"Siyempre naman, di ba? Ngayon lang ulit akomagkaka-date. Siyempre kinansel ko na talaga sked ko for this. Minsanlang may mag-attempt makipag-date sa akin, di ba?" said Katrina.

Katrina, always in the mood for a joke, quickly added: "Alammo, first time na lang ulit ako makipag-date, no! Tapos ang dami n'yo [reporters] pa diyan!"

With her busy sked, wouldn't it be nice if Katrina starts to findthat special someone?

"Ngayon, hindi, e," Katrina wistfully replied. "Kasi ngayon,focused talaga ako sa work ko at hindi ako naghahanap ng someone na gugulo ngaking buhay. Joke! Mas gusto ko na friends muna, makilala ko muna, ganoon. Masmaganda magkaroon ng relationship kung friends muna."


Well, if that's the case, would Alan pass as a suitor?

"Grabe naman! Friends muna. Unang date pa lang, e!" Katrinaexclaimed.

Was she tense before meeting Alan?

"Kanina, parang," Katrina admitted. "Pero okay naman, e. Tingin palang, magkasundo na kami. I was like ‘Okay ‘to.' So, hindi siya nahirapan sa akinat hindi rin ako nahirapan sa kanya pagdating sa conversation."

When asked whether it would be possible for a second date,Katrina let out a quick, "Why not?"

To Alan, would he ask Katrina out again?

"She's busy, e," he replied. "I'm just happy to have metKatrina. She's really cool to talk to and she's really down-to-earth. It's awhole different perspective kasi to talk to an artista, feeling mo, iba talagabuhay nila, and it's true."

With Katrina as date, whatdid Alan feel as the showbiz light shone on him?

"I wouldn't really say that I had a taste of showbiz, butyun nga, there are a lot of cameras and they won't stop flashing; masakit dinpala ngumiti nang matagal," he said.


Now that he had met Katrina, what was the difference betweenthe Katrina he sees on TV and magazines and Katrina in person? Was hemystified?

"She's really pretty talaga, and that's really something,"observed Alan. "Actually, I don't think I would say that I am ‘mystified' becausewhen you look at the picture, you say ‘Wow, they're famous!' But after meetingKatrina and talking to her for a little while, I see that the reason why theyhave that image in personality and in film is because they really have it. So,yun. It's something that just reflects."

GOODBYE. Asthe night drew to a close, Katrina and Alan—who by that time were both filled with food andstories about each other's lives—parted ways. As they prepared to leave, bothof them were given the customary gifts (watches), courtesy of Skechers.

And asall dates are supposed to end, Katrina gave our winner a sweet kiss on thecheek. For a couple of hours, one person had the chance to date thePhilippine's sexiest while the other was just as happy to meet a very biboguy.


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