Manager Becky Aguila swears she never abandoned Jennylyn Mercado

Jennylyn Mercado (left) says she was abandoned by her manager, Becky Aguila (right), who contradicts her statement by pointing out the projects that she was able to give her ward.

Controversial talent manager BeckyAguila reacted to Jennylyn Mercado's statement in The Buzz lastSunday, September 30.

In the said interview, Jennylyn said thatshe somehow believed she was affected by the controversial transfer ofBecky's other talent Angel Locsin. Jennylyn told reporters, "Atfirst I refused to believe... First week ko dito, galing ako ngStates, pag-uwi ko mayroon akong schedule for a week. After that,sabi ko, 'Everyday naka-cancel lahat ng schedules ko. Parang oototoo na yata ito.' Tapos nung nagpahinga ako ng one month and a halfna walang work, sabi ko, 'Oo nga, naapektuhan talaga.'

"Sinoba naman ang di maiiyak, di ba? The feeling na na-abandoned ka andeverything. Kasi na-freeze na nga ako at naapektuhan ako tungkol saginawa nila. Sino ba naman ang hindi sasama ang loob, di ba?"

In an exclusive interview withEntertainment Live yesterday, October 6, Becky Aguila said she was hurt by Jennylyn's statements.

She narrated, "First and foremost, nagulat akodahil hindi ko ine-expect na magsasalita ng ganun si Jen on air. Right after The Buzz interview, I tried texting her and thenshe texted back naman. Sabi niya, ‘Tita, sinabi ko lang naman kungano yung nararamdaman ko.' That was her feelings so I respectthat. Matatanggap ko 'yon no matter how hurting it would be."


JENNYLYN AND GMA-7. In TheBuzz interview, Jennylyn also mentioned that GMA-7 is directlycoordinating with her when it comes to her projects as her manageris already considered persona non grata in the Kapuso network.

Shesaid, "Direct yung communication ng GMA and me. Ini-inform ko langsi Tita Becky, parang respeto na rin sa kanya."

In this case, Becky admitted that shedoes not communicate with GMA-7 anymore. But she defended herself, saying that despitethis situation, she never neglected her talent.

"I did my part as a manager. Andalso as a second mother to her, I lifted her spirit and I told her,‘Hindi kita pababayaan because nga may ganyang problema. And hindiko magawa yung function ko as a manager sa network...I mean forJennylyn. So I got her several projects outside [GMA Network]. Like I gave hertwo movies, Resiklo and Nars. In fact, she'll be havingher own concert on November 24."

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.Becky also clarified that Angel's transfer had nothing to do withwhat happened to Jennylyn's career lately. She added thatJennylyn and Angel do not have any personal attachment, so she askedthe media to stop comparing her two wards.


Becky explained, "Nagkita na sila [niAngel]. They say ‘hi' and ‘hello.' But tama ang sinabi niAngel sa The Buzz. Hindi naman talaga sila yung nagte-textganun. More on the professional lang talaga, wala talagang personalattachment.

"I also hope that the fans ofJennylyn would understand that it's not Angel's fault either. Kasi nga, case to case basis sila."

In the end, Becky said that sheunderstands Jennylyn for saying such things about her current situation.She also assured that any intrigue would not affect her relationshipwith Jennylyn as a manager and second mother. However, she hopesthat her talent would explain this in her future interviews.

Becky reiterated, "Alam mo yung mgatampo, nare-repair naman lahat 'yan, e, kasi importante nandun yungtiwala sa isa't isa. I hope that she'll also have the initiativesomehow clear that kapag natanong sa kanya in one of her presscons. Because as far as I am concerned, okay naman kami ni Jen talaga, e. Kahit kailan hindi ko siya inabandona.


"Jennylyn will always be my alaga. Itwill always be for her upliftment and kung anuman yung para sa bestinterest niya, kung kailangan munang mag-sacrifice, tanggap ko 'yan. Anything that would do her good. Jennylyn is really very special. Mahal na mahal ko si Jen," asserted Becky.





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