Martin Nievera pours his heart out over Pops's revelations in "YES!"

"I don't know why, I don't even know why we have gotten this farwith this problem? I don't know why we can't seem to fix this. But toPops? I don't know what to say," says Martin Nievera about his ex-wife Pops Fernandez in the aftermath of Pops's revelations in the October 2007 issue of YES! magazine.

Straight from the United States, ibinuhos ni Martin Nievera ang kanyang damdamin sa unang pagkakataon sa taped interview sa kanya ng The Buzz kahapon, October 7, kaugnay ng isiniwalat ng kanyang ex-wife na si Pops Fernandez sa October 2007 issue ng YES! magazine tungkol sa kanilang pagsasama ilang taon na ang nakalilipas.

Inamin ni Martin na ang mga mahahalagang detalye lamang ang kanyang binasa sa lumabas na artikulo kay Pops.

"Nakuha ko yung kopya, pero I can't see myself reading it," sabi ni Martin. "It's like reliving my sin all over again, you know, and some of which were exaggerated, some of which were not really...cannot be supported by proof. Prove it but that's not... Ang gusto kong sabihin ngayon sa The Buzz is that masakit na masakit ang nangyari.

"It was a shock really because I think I know why. I'm almost sure I know why Pops is doing this. I think Pops wants people to believe what people to believe. She wants them to surely believe why she made such a big deal about a misquote of Katrina [Ojeda, his live-in partner] saying something about the ‘monkeys.'"

Dagdag pa niya, "Now I thought that problem is solved but I think it's important for Pops that the people know kung saan galing yung galit niya. Sa ibang tao maliit na bagay ‘yon, e. So, ginagawa ni Pops ang article na ito para maipakita sa buong mundo kung bakit nagagalit siya sa akin. Kung bakit malaking bagay sa buhay niya o sa memory o sa puso ni Pops, because there's a place there that she doesn't wanna go to. And that place is nine years ago.

"I don't know what good the article had done for her because it's done me no good. I'd like to apologize to the family she included in this article, meaning Katrina's family. She made Katrina look very bad. She made the Mom of Katrina and the family look really bad.


"But remember, this is nine years ago. I can't please everybody. But I know that there's still people out there enough to sing, to perform. I'm not gonna leave my career. I'm not gonna leave the Philippines. This is not about my career anymore. This is about my personal life. This is about my own happiness.

"Marriage? How can I ever go back to marriage after seeing how this thing is still not over with Pops? How can I be completely happy when the people around me whom I love are not happy? Do you think kung masaya si Pops sasabihin niya sa akin ‘yon? She's unhappy about something and obviously it's me nine years ago.

"Why? Why? Why me? Pick on the tree. Pick on someone else. Not me," depensa ni Martin.

THE CHILDREN'S REACTION. Isiniwalat din ni Martin sa The Buzz ang naging reaksiyon ng mga anak nila ni Pops na sina Robin at Ram.

"Well, siyempre nalungkot din ang mga bata dahil siyempre ang gusto nila mag-usap-usap kaming mga magulang, you know. It's really the most sensible thing that, you know my family is a little bit upset with me because I have not sat down. I've not made the first move and ask Pops to sit down and talk.

"She doesn't want to receive a text [message] from me anymore. Ang gusto niya face to face. But ako naman, feeling ko siguro a little bit also. Even no matter how wrong I was nine years ago, sana naman nag-reply siya at yung reply niya nakalagay, ‘Please stop texting me, Martin. Mag-meet tayo ng face-to-face.'

"Sinasabi niya sa press, sinasabi niya sa TV, pero bakit hindi niya sinasabi sa akin? I mean, I'm a human being, I deserve a reply. I mean, people watching now they know what it's like when they don't receive a reply. It drives you crazy.


"But me, why can't we talk? Kasi magsisigaw ka na, e. Magagalit ka na, e. I'll never be able to say what I really want to say because I have to scream over her voice. So, I'd rather text it. And my last few text message to her that's talk already. ‘I'm so sorry. You know, let's stop doing this. We love each other, I mean, we love our children enough. Let's do it for them,'" salaysay ni Martin.

END OF MARTIN-POPS TANDEM. Sa kabila ng sakit na naramdaman ni Martin sa lumabas na artikulo, wala siyang plano na isa-isahin pang pabulaanan ang mga sinabi ni Pops.

"You know, it's funny because I told some friends, ‘Maybe I should come out with a magazine called 'No.' And in this magazine it will say, ‘No, I didn't do this. No, I didn't do that.' But if I will do that paragraph per paragraph, line by line, hindi matatapos ito, e. And somewhere down the road, I'm thinking and I'm hoping and I'm praying that we will be friends again," asam ni Martin.

Affected din daw ang ibang tao na malalapit kay Martin.

"Yes, they're very affected," sabi niya. "They love to retaliate. Not to Pops but they want to answer back her fans... The worst part is this: ‘The Martin and Pops team as we've known it, as we've lined-up and lined to watch it, before, during and after the marriage, it's over. It's dead.'

"As far as I'm concerned, with this 20-page magazine which you can refer to any day of your life for the next 100 years, she killed it. She killed the team and that's my biggest regret because who's gonna watch us now?

"I wanna ask Pops, now that it is out already, I mean, 'Where do we go from here?' Okay, fine, we all know kung saan nanggaling ang galit mo. Some people really don't care, because they've been there before. You don't need the whole 20-page magazine to let people know how painful it is when your husband fools around.


"Now, my life, I feel unnaked [sic]. It's the first time in my life I feel I never felt naked on stage, on TV, in front of the camera. I don't know how to appear. I'm not confident anymore. I feel ugly. I feel like what I've felt nine years ago. It's like I'm a winner in disguise. Because inside talaga, I'm a loser. That's how this article made me feel."

LEGAL ACTION. Itinanggi naman ni Martin ang balita na magsasampa siya ng kaso, pati na ang galit na galit niyang ina na si Mrs. Conchita Razon, laban sa YES! magazine. Napabalita kasi noon na pinag-aaralan ni Martin ang kanyang legal options dahil sa lumabas na interview ni Pops sa YES!

Ayon kay Martin, "I'm not suing Pops. I'm not suing the magazine. I'm not here to belittle or hurt anyone. I'm just here to let everybody know I am guilty only of one thing and that was the result.

"What happened on the 20th page, which is the family broke up. I don't think people need a visual or a commentary or an editorial about what I did. We all know what infidelity looks like. We all know what love is like, you know? What passion is like?

"Your televiewers are watching, I've been there before. They know that but they don't have to go in front of the camera, in front of The Buzz, to explain themselves every time there's an issue. And that seems to be my only calling. I thought I was a singer but I guess not," malungkot niyang pahayag.

MESSAGE TO POPS. Ipinarating din ni Martin ang kanyang mensahe kay Pops sa The Buzz.

"I don't know why, I don't even know why we have gotten this far with this problem? I don't know why we can't seem to fix this. But to Pops? I don't know what to say," naiiyak na sabi ni Martin.


At sa huli, inilabas ni Martin ang kanyang saloobin dahil aniya, he deserves something din kahit paano.

"Oh, yeah, just try to forget about the nine years, you know. I think she's having a hard time also moving on. I know what I did to you is unforgivable but that was a long time ago. I'm hoping for the sake of everybody, especially our children, if you forgive me for that. I know forgetting is a tall order but... I don't know why," garalgal na boses ni Martin.

"Take it easy. Just take it easy and breathe. Enjoy life and all the blessings around you. I'm there somewhere. I'm praying for you. I can't even... I don't even want to say anymore that, you know, I love you.

"I do want to thank you and maybe I explained too much and maybe I didn't say that enough before, but whenever you need me, I'm there. I'm not that showbiz person who just disappears and comes back. I'm never leaving. You can't get rid me of. I'm there for you, believe me.

"So, good luck to your concert. That can be great, I know, and let me just say now in front of the whole world that I'm really, really sorry. For whatever it is that it hurts you about me, I'm really, really sorry," pagtatapos ni Martin.





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