Toni Gonzaga doesn't want to share boyfriend Paul Soriano with the public

Toni Gonzaga (left) says that joining Pinoy Big Brother CelebrityEdition would be an "invasion of privacy" for her boyfriend, director PaulSoriano (right). She candidly told the press, "Ayoko ko siyang i-share!"

Toni Gonzaga is honest enough to admit that she doesn'twant her boyfriend Paul Soriano to join Pinoy Big Brother CelebrityEdition. The TV host-actress candidly told the press, "Ayoko ko siyang i-share!"

In the PBB press conference held last night, October 9, atthe ABS-CBN compound, Quezon City, Toni expressed her reaction to the news that Paul hadbeen offered to be one of the 13 celebrity housemates to be revealed to thepublic on Sunday, October 14.

"At first, I was shocked," recalls the PBB host. "I wouldn'twant him to join Pinoy Big Brother because that's too much invasion ofhis privacy. He's just getting used to the business and the only reason whyhe's going on TV is because I was ready to publicly share my love life. That'sthe only [reason] why he goes on TV. Aside from that, he doesn't want to go onTV as much as possible.

"He told me about it. He doesn't want to join and he'scomfortable being behind the camera," says Toni about her boyfriend who is adirector of music videos.

Toni says she appreciates the fact that her beau issensitive enough to maintain the privacy of their relationship.

"The only reason why we admitted to the public that we aretogether is because we don't want to be tagged as liars in the business. Peopletrust you and you [promised to] tell them when you fall in love and when you havea boyfriend you will tell the public, so I'm just being true to my words that"Yes, I do have a boyfriend.'


"As much as possible, I would want to keep things in mypersonal life private but, like what I said, I didn't hide the fact that I aminvolved right now."

Toni added that she will be busy in the next few months forthe shooting of another Star Cinema film with Sam Milby. According to her, itwill be released during the first quarter of 2008.





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