Lolit Solis stumbles on the "date" of heartthrobs Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby

"Kasi naman, sa dami ng lugar na pupuntahan, doon pa ako naligaw sa poolside ng Sofitel. Malay ko ba na nandoon pala sina Sam at Piolo?" said Lolit Solis on accidentally seeing Sam Milby (left) and Piolo Pascual (right) together in a poolside coffeeshop at Sofitel.

Talent manager and TV host Lolit Solis was treated to one of the most surprising visualspectacles of her life when she was invited by businessman Erning Lim to visit an exhibitat the Sofitel (formerly called the Westin Philippine Plaza). No, it wasn't theexhibit that caught her attention, but it was what she found out that utterlysurprised her.

According to Manay Lolit's article in the Philippine Star Ngayon, it all began when she got lost inside Sofitel,trying to find the location of the exhibit. Owing to misdirection and probablythe unavailability of a venue map, she found herself entering Sofitel'spoolside coffee shop at around four in the afternoon. Realizing that she was inthe wrong place, she started looking for another entrance or exit, walking andlooking left and right.

Two men caught Manay Lolit's attention as she saunteredover. She noticed that the two men looked sweet to each other, exchangingwhispers, their cheeks nearly touching. As Manay Lolit approached, waiters whosaw her called out her name, apparently wanting to get an autograph. The twomen, upon hearing Manay Lolit's name, hastily left as Manay Lolit nearlytripped trying to get a closer look.


Her curiosity rewarded her as she found who the two menwere: It was Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual. Someone told Manay Lolit that Sam andPiolo frequented the Sofitel poolside coffee shop since the place usually doesn't have many visitors.

According to Manay Lolit, she wouldn't havenoticed the two if it weren't for their obviously hasty retreat. She wouldn'teven put malice into what she saw if Sam and Piolo didn't mind being foundout or if they had just said "hello," even if they didn'tknow her well. All that she could do on her way home was ponder on what she had witnessed.

As for Sam and Piolo, people can only speculateabout their true sexuality as both heartthrobs have been rumored to be gays. Some write-upssay that the two are in a relationship; some say that Sam isn't gay because he'sattracted to Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis Smith; the same with Piolo, who has been linked to Judy Ann Santos and Rica Peralejo. But Piolo has a son out of wedlock.






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