Regine Velasquez is first-time cover girl for "Preview" magazine

Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez narrates to Preview magazine her experiences since the start of her singing career.

One of thebest-known success stories in showbiz belongs to Regine Velasquez.She started out in amateur singing competitions and kept reinventing herselfthroughout her career. Now looked up to as one of the biggest names in themusic industry, Asia's Songbird has become the prime example of how hard work pays off.

"I'veworked really hard. I've done a lot of things in my desire to grow as anartist," she shares with Preview magazine (October issue),which she graces for the first time. Her hard work has more than paidoff, but Regine remains down to earth. "Nakatulong rin talagaang pagka-probinsyana ko. I really started from scratch."

The covershoot for Preview magazine took place at the Villamor Air Base. Regine—dressedin long, bode-fitting gowns inspired by the movie The Aviator—is shown climbing steelscaffolds and improvised stages, made of wooden planks on steel, to get tothe top of a grand old YS-11 turbo-prop. The grand old airplane serves as backdrop for many of her stunning photographs. It seems an uncomfortable, glamorless task,but Regine gets the job done, and beautifully.

Regine has plans of slowing down eventually. "For many years now, I'veconcentrated solely on my career," she says, citing the work that she has donefor herself and for other artists as well. "The funny thing is, when I wasstarting, I told myself that I will do everything now and when I feel ready, Iwill stop and have a family. I still want that now."

As Regine herself started fromhumble beginnings and worked hard to make a name for herself, so do the 26Pinoy artists featured in Preview's annual Creative It-List. Preview supportsFilipino talent and ingenuity by featuring those who have helpedset the standards for artistic excellence, each on the verge of becoming asuperstar in her/ his field. Some notables are stageactress and dancer Ina Feleo, bossa nova singer Sitti, director Marie Jamora,and actor Ping Medina.


Get the complete rundown of Preview'sCreative It-List and find out more about Regine's plans of settling down bygrabbing your copy of the October issue of Preview magazine, availablein all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide at P125 per copy.





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