Richard Gomez faces tax evasion charges by DOJ and BIR

"The moral of the story is even if you claim you don't have that income, we will always have a way of verifying it," said DOJ's acting Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera, in connection with the tax evasion charges to be filed against actor Richard Gomez.

Actor Richard Gomez is in danger of serving prison time.

This was according to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) after the latter accused the popular actor of tax evasion. He allegedly failed to pay his income tax from year 2000 to 2003.

In an article today, October 20, which appeared in a national daily, it reported that the DOJ found enough evidence to indict Gomez for violating the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC). The findings were forwarded to the court by the BIR.

Giving a clear detail of the supposed violation, acting Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera said that Gomez will be charged with violations of the NIRC's Section 254, for attempting to evade payment of taxes, and Section 255, for failure to file income tax returns.

According to the findings of the DOJ, Richard failed to declare his estimated earnings of P1.8 million while he was still under ABS-CBN in 2001.

Aside from the 2001 case, the DOJ added that Richard failed to declare his earnings amounting to P1.02 million (year 2002) and another P166, 000 (year 2003).

The actor's alleged tax evasion was discovered by the BIR through tax reports submitted by the networks where Richard used to work and continues to work. The law requires television companies to lay down on paper the payments they give out to their talents, to be forwarded to the BIR.

Compounding Richard's woes, the BIR is also questioning his amassed earnings in doing movies, commercials, hosting, modeling and fashion shows. Davanadera mentioned that Richard was able to buy property worth P52 million in North Forbes Park. She presumed that his undeclared earnings in 2000 and 2003 might have helped tremendously for him to raise the staggering amount.

Reportedly, Richard could be fined from the minimum amount of P10, 000 to as high as P100, 000. If found guilty, Richard faces the possibility of being jailed—with 10 years as the maximum prison sentence.






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