Lolit Solis stands firm on "date" story despite contradicting claims by Sam-Piolo defenders

"Basta ako wala akong nakitang masama sa dalawang lalaking nagmi-meryenda, nagbubulungan," an adamant Lolit Solis said to Startalk co-host Joey de Leon earlier today, October 20, pertaining to her Sam Milby- Piolo Pascual sighting.

Columnist and StarTalk co-host Lolit Solis had to wait for days before she could vocally give her side on the highly-debated Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby "date" issue, which she herself wrote in her tabloid column last Monday, October 15.

In the said article, Lolit narrated that she was invited by a good friend to view an exhibit at the Sofitel hotel last October 12. She was not quite familiar with the venue, so she got lost and ended up at the hotel's coffee shop.

What she saw next would turn out to be the most talked about showbiz topic last week.

She claimed seeing two men having a serious, if not intimate conversation, over a snack. Initially, the two were oblivious of Lolit's presence. One of them was leaning over closely towards his companion, whispering something.

After a few seconds, both men panicked upon hearing Lolit's name being called by some of the waiters. It was at that exact moment when Lolit recognized the customers as matinee idols Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual.


THE REPERCUSSIONS. Lolit's article immediately generated a loud buzz and soon enough, some people once again expressed doubts on the gender of the two bachelors.

At press time, Piolo and Sam opted to let their representatives do the talking on their behalf. In a statement by the watch brand Timex to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last Tuesday, October 16, product manager Gemma Pagsibingan argued that Piolo was in Makati for a photo shoot with Angel Locsin at the time of the reported incident.

Sam Milby, through his manager Erick Raymundo, said that Sam was at Essensuals Toni and Guy salon having a haircut at around four o'clock, after which he proceeded to Alabang for a shooting.

Naturally, the fans of Piolo and Sam also came to their idols' defense and are now questioning Lolit's credibility as a showbiz reporter.

TELLING THE TALE. Sitting in as guest in StarTalk (where she's a co-host) with Joey de Leon this afternoon, October 20, Lolit animatedly recalled what she saw that fateful Friday.


"Nakita ko 'yong dalawang lalaki na nagbubulungan," started Lolit.

Interrupting Lolit, "Pangalanan mo nga..." Joey dared.

"Si Piolo Pascual at si Sam Milby," Lolit quickly answered before adding, "Pero nalaman ko na lang 'yon nung papaalis ako. Napatingin ako sa kanila."

The feisty talent manager elaborated, "Naligaw-ligaw ako, pumasok ako dun sa coffee shop. Pagpasok kong ganun, doon pa lang ako sa pinto, may nakita akong dalawang lalaking nagbubulungan. Hindi ko kilala kung sino so lumakad ako. Nung nasa gitna na ako ng coffee shop, biglang yung mga waiter parang nagkagulo, ‘Ay si Lolit Solis, si Lolit Solis!'"

Instantly, Lolit heard a commotion coming from the direction of the yet-to-be identified patrons.

"Pagka-ganun ko, narinig ko sa likuran ko parang nagulo 'yong mga upuan... parang nag-uumpugan yong upuan. So napalingon ako, paglingon ko, nakita ko si Piolo Pascual at Si Sam Milby."

Adhering to Joey's request, Lolit gamely demonstrated how the two men looked when she first saw them upon entering the coffee shop.


"Magkadikit yong pisngi 'tapos bumubulong 'yong isa dun sa tenga nung isa," she said.

"Sino ang bumubulong kanino?" probed Joey.

"Si Piolo," Lolit candidly replied, "Kasi si Piolo, naka-polo shirt dun. Si Sam naman, naka-T-shirt."

As to the exact time of the sighting, Lolit said she was not definite, although she was certain it was around three to four in the afternoon.

"Pagkatapos kasi, malapit na ko sa pinto nun, hinatid ako nung isang waiter. Sabi ko, ‘Di ba si Sam at saka si Piolo ‘yon?'" she asked the waiter for confirmation.

"Opo. Madalas nga sila diyan, e. Basta between alas-tres ng hapon hanggang alas-kuwatro, minsan sa isang linggo, nandito sila," was the waiter's reply according to Manay Lolit.

NOTHING TO HIDE. Lolit expressed puzzlement over why both camps had been vehemently denying the entire story.

"'Yon nga ang pinagtataka ko," yelped Lolit, "Ang sinabi ko lang, nakita ko sila dun sa coffee shop. Wala naman akong against kay Piolo and kay Sam dahil hindi ko naman sila kilala personally. Wala naman silang nagawang masama sa akin. Kaya sa akin, walang malisya yong pagkakasabi ko, nagkuwento lang [ako] kaya nagtaka ako ba't nagkagulo."


She had previously said in her column, however, that she wouldn't have put malice into what she saw if the two didn't mind being found out or if they had greeted her hello, even if they didn't know her well.

Despite the contradictions and denials from Sam's and Piolo's camps, Lolit firmly said without blinking, "Basta I stand in what I saw. Oo, basta nakita ko sila."

She continued: "Hindi, wala akong sama ng loob sa inyong dalawa. Wala akong against about sa inyong dalawa dahil wala naman kayong ginagawang masama sa akin, kaya wala...Wala akong malisya nung sinabi ko ‘yon. Wala akong purpose sa pagsasabi n'on.

"Ngayon kung idini-deny niyo, ok lang sa akin. Nakataya 'yong kredibilidad ko pero nasa inyo na ‘yon kung paniniwalaan ako ng tao o hindi. Nasa kanila na ‘yon," said Lolit in closing.





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