Aiko Melendez-Martin Jickain have totally lost that lovin' feeling

The possibility of a reunion continues to elude estranged couple Aiko Melendez and Martin Jickain. In an interview with entertainment columnist Ricky Lo, both parties confessed that they no longer love each other.

"You've lost that loving feeling..." crooned The Righteous Brothers in 1965. Estranged couple Aiko Melendez and Martin Jickain are singing the same tune.

In a rare interview after their separation, both Aiko and Martin spoke to entertainment columnist Ricky Lo and spewed out their ill feelings towards each other.

"Isa sa mga rason kung bakit hindi ako nagsasalita for almost two months kasi alam naman natin lahat pader ‘tong binabangga ko," Martin began.

He then cited his wife's political influence as the strongest reason for shying away from the press rather than giving his two cents worth on the issue.

"Si Aiko, hindi ordinaryong tao. Ayoko siyang sabayan dahil wala naman akong laban sa kanya, e," Martin stated. The interview was aired last Saturday, October 20, in StarTalk.

In response, Aiko said: "Ako kasi, survivor ako, Ninong. Everytime na nadadapa ako, bumabangon ako."

Aiko addressed Ricky as "Ninong" because he stood as one of the principal sponsors during Aiko and Martin's February 16, 2006 wedding at the Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City.


SHE SAYS: WOMANIZER. The reason behind the split remains vague. And so, a lot of speculations have risen—with Martin's alleged philandering as the loudest of them all.

Ricky broached the subject candidly by asking, "Ano ba talaga ang dahilan ng hiwalayan ninyo, once and for all? May ibang babae si Martin?"

Aiko simply grinned before answering, "Can I just smile?"

In defense, Martin argued that it would be impossible for him to carry on an affair with anyone since he's already stifled by security escorts provided by Aiko.

"Paano ko makapambababae, meron siyang in-assign na bodyguard sa akin, every week paiba-iba? Lahat ng mga kaibigan ko, ‘O, Martin sosyal ka na di-bodyguard ka ngayon.' ‘Di ko lang masabi, ‘Taga-report 'yan.'"

As Quezon City's second district councilor, Aiko admitted having bodyguards for herself. The security extends to her former husband.

"I don't deny the fact that I have securities," stated Aiko, who is serving her second term as councilor in Quezon City's largest district.


She added sarcastically, "Pero 'yong para sabihin na ang security po namin ay natutulog sa kuwarto namin, katabi naming mag-asawa na twenty-four hours nagbabantay doon, parang napaka-imposible naman yata po non. E, di sana 'yong asawa ko, 'yong mga security ko na lang po."

HE SAYS: GAMBLER. As brickbat to the womanizing charge, Martin accused his ex-wife of gambling, which contributed greatly to the breakdown of their marriage.

"Isa sa mga rason," muses Martin hesitantly, "Siguro 'yong pagka-casino niya."

Aiko had a ready reply: "I don't deny the fact na I've been to a casino. But I can never say that I'm a gambler. That I go there like everyday, no. Bakit ngayon lang lumalabas?"

After the separation, Aiko was besieged with rumors that she immediately picked up the pieces and briskly plunged into a relationship with Bulacan, Bulacan Vice-Mayor Patrick Meneses, who was the actress's classmate when she took up a Public Administration crash course in University of The Philippines, June of this year.


The rumor stemmed from some people's accounts that the two are often seen together. That fact was even more strengthened when Aiko attended a public event with the vice-mayor in tow.

"That's what they say," Aiko fired back. "I don't deny the fact that he became my friend and I don't see anything wrong there. It's so unfair for Patrick."

Is Martin aware of the issue?

"Naririring ko pero matanda na siya, e. Alam niya na yong tama at mali," the young model answered.

Ricky asked both parties if there's still any feeling left inside of them intended for each other. The answer turned out to be mutual.

"As of now talaga, I don't feel anything," replied Aiko impassively.

Martin, too, responded coldly.

"Wala na talaga kong maramdaman, ni galit wala na, e. Wala, blangko na."





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