Let's have a "PEP Talk"

Whose story is believable? Lolit Solis's word? Or the rebuttal coming from the camps of Sam Milby (left) and Piolo Pascual (right)? The "date" is now causing a huge showbiz debate.

Remember when the Joey de Leon-Willie Revillame word war erupted on national television last August? It created quite a stir among showbiz aficionados. Everybody wanted to say his/her piece on the said issue. In fact, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was then receiving at least 500 comments for every article about the two hosts.

Kapamilya supporters, of course, backed Willie. They infiltrated the media, including the Internet, and issued their personal attacks on the Eat Bulaga host. On the other hand, Kapuso fans logged into online forums and comments sections to defend Joey.

Almost everyone wanted to be part of the hoopla—the PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) editorial team included.

Now comes another controversy, and there's another thing that's keeping us busy aside from writing: arguing. The members of the team are coming from different schools of thought about Lolit Solis's "date" story. Some say she's just nagmamaldita. Others contend, she can't be namamalik-mata lang.

The discussion we get to read in the forum and comment threads is something that can't be ignored. To join the debate, under pseudonyms, is too tempting. But wait, why don't we just sit down, talk about the issue and make a stand?

So, here's our take on the Lolit versus Piolo and Sam controversy. Click this LINK and join the debate. Showbiz talk is boundless anyway!





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