Kyla’s encounter with a "faceless" fan

A yuletide celebration suddenly turned like Halloween for R&B Princess Kyla when she was 12-years-old.

R&B Princess Kyla has encountered a lot of scary stories, all worthy to be told. But this particular experience stood out among the lot:

"Ito na-experience ko nung 12-years-old ako. Christmas party sa office ng Daddy ko. Midnight na nun, nagkakantahan kami, 'tapos sila umiinom-inom, 'tapos yong mga anak nandoon," recalled Kyla during a conversation with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the backstage of SOP last Sunday, October 28.

Donna Cruz's "Rain" was the current hot single at the time and Kyla was wholeheartedly singing it when something unusual happened.

"Habang kumakanta ako, ‘yong electric fan sa likod, bumukas," she narrated, "so may tao, pumasok sa loob, pinatay yong electric fan, bumukas na naman."

Kyla suspected that something weird was going on. She happened to look towards a row of stainless steel filing cabinets.

"Iyong mga drawers na mataas, may nakita akong girl doon na hindi ko makita yong face. Madilim, kasi isang spotlight lang ‘yong ilaw," the petite singer recalled vividly.

Despite the limited lighting, Kyla clearly caught sight of the unexpected "faceless" guest.

"Nakatayo siya 'tapos naka-violet na shirt, 'tapos nakamaong, shoulder length 'yong hair pero I cannot see the face."

Natakot ako, kinabahan ako, pero tinuloy ko pa rin yong kanta ko, lumapit na lang ako sa Daddy ko," Kyla smiled sheepishly.

Kyla jokingly rationalized that perhaps, and subconsciously, the chilling experience was an early training for professionalism. As the popular saying goes, "The show must go on."





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