Liz Almoro and lawyer haven’t received DOJ decision on court case vs Willie Revillame

Liz Almoro has yet to receive a copy of Department of Justice's decision to dismiss the court case she filed against husband Willie Revillame.

The lawyer of Liz Almoro, ex-wife of Willie Revillame, issued a statement on StarTalk this afternoon, November 3. They have not received a copy of the Department of Justice (DOJ) decision on the case filed against the Wowowee host.

The case filed against Willie by his ex-wife is in connection with Republic Act 9262 or the "Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004 . It was reported here on Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) yesterday.

Ma. Soledad Margarita B. Mawee, the lawyer for Liz Almoro, sent a letter to StarTalk stating that they could not comment on the matter. It was only in news reports that they heard the DOJ decision had been handed down. It would only blow things out of all proportion about the criminal case if they were to say anything.

Below is the statement read by StarTalk host Lorna Tolentino

"We cannot comment on the alleged dismissal by the Department of Justice on the criminal complaint filed by Ms. Almoro against Mr. Willie Revillame as we have not been in receipt of a copy of the reported DOJ resolution. It would be... premature and utterly speculative to comment on something that we have not received. Moreover, commenting of this matter at this time would mean commenting [on] something which was obtained from hearsay and it would only sensationalize the said matter on hand."





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