Yasmien Kurdi "caged" to promote vegetarianism

Going public with her advocacy for animal rights, singer-actress Yasmien Kurdi allowed herself to be incarcerated inside a cramped steel cage while showing PETA's current ad campaign: "Liberate Your Diet. Go Vegetarian!"

Count young actress-singer Yasmien Kurdi among the growing numbers of people who champion the go-veggie lifestyle.

But more than just sticking to vegetable diet, Yasmien courageously used her celebrity status to encourage the public to eat and live healthy. Taking one step further to promote her advocacy, the young actress-singer affirmed her alliance with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA through an ad campaign under the tag line: "Liberate Your Diet. Go Vegetarian!"

Confined inside a small and constricted steel cage, Yasmien gamely allowed the photographers to snap pictures of her while wearing a pensive expression throughout the shoot to convey the seriousness of the crusade. The event took place last November 8 at the Cube Point Studio along Shaw Blvd., with Niccolo Cosme taking the official photographs for the campaign.

The idea behind the shoot is to show the public that aside from embracing a healthier existence, being a vegetarian also helps in reducing the appalling practice of subjecting animals to cruel treatment by detaining them inside dark and filthy warehouses—depriving them of anything that is natural and important to them. PETA also revealed that animals raised intensively in factory farms regularly undergo tail docking, debeaking, and castration without pain relievers to alleviate the agony.

Talking with GMA News after the pictorial, Yasmien encouraged everyone to support the endeavor. "With so many delicious alternatives now available, it's easier than ever to enjoy great food without causing animal suffering.... Ang laking help ng pagiging vegetarian kasi ang pagiging vegetarian nali-lessen ang mga diseases, lalo na 'yong mga heart diseases, kidney, at kung anu-ano pa."

Yasmien even encouraged her co-stars in the afternoon soap series, Pasan Ko ang Daigdig to turn vegetarian. Yasmien's mother was convinced to drop meat from her diet and eat greens as a substitute.


Appealing one more time, Yasmien called out for everyone to "liberate their diet and give vegetarianism a try."





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