Angel Locsin is set to enter "Pinoy Big Brother" house

Angel Locsin will reportedly fill in the slot vacated by PBB co-host and guest housemate Mariel Rodriguez.

Young actress Angel Locsin's entry inside the Pinoy Big Brother house is said to be in the can.

According to the reports, DZMM's Laila Chikadora obtained information that Angel will join PBB as a "celebrity house guest." The exact date of her entry, however, is yet to be known.

Angel's impending PBB stint comes on the heels of ex-Orange & Lemons frontman Mcoy Fundales and comedienne Ethel Booba's voluntary exit from the famous house.

MOVING OUT. Yesterday, November 22, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) reported that Mcoy and Ethel left at dawn due to personal reasons.

Mcoy reportedly blew his top after Kuya made a comment on the short film produced by the singer-songwriter as part of a task. Big Brother mentioned that Mcoy's work reminded him of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez's short story "The Ghost of August."

On Big Brother's comment all hell broke loose for Mcoy. Haunted by his past, Mcoy confessed that he's still reeling from the plagiarism charge hurdled against his former band.

Two years ago, a still intact Orange & Lemons was commissioned by ABS-CBN to write the theme song of Pinoy Big Brother for its maiden season. The band then came up with "Pinoy Ako"—an unbelievably catchy song strengthened by an infectious groove and laced with straightforward lyrics. But while the entire nation caught up and sang along, the issue of plagiarism was soon raised. Critics, particularly ‘80s music aficionados, accused Orange & Lemons of blatantly ripping off the melody of a song titled "Chandelier" by an obscure new wave band, The Care.


The controversy undoubtedly affected the band, rendering their rising popularity, not to mention artistic credibility, a telling blow. Orange & Lemons disbanded this year due to personal tension among the members.

Ethel on the other hand, was incessantly bugged by her paranoia regarding housemate Mariel Rodriguez's real status inside the PBB house.

Ethel suspected that she was not a guest tenant, as Mariel had initially claimed, but rather an official housemate also vying for the top prize. But according to reports, Mariel will already leave the PBB house tomorrow, November 24.

Both Mcoy and Ethel expressed their willingness to be evicted as they had already served their purpose inside the house.





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