"Jinky Pacquiao" warns Valerie Concepcion to stay away from Manny

Valerie Concepcion (right) reportedly had a taste of Jinky Pacquiao's (left) jealous rage after seeing her husband Manny Pacquiao's (inset) torrid kissing scene with the young actress in the movie Anak ng Kumander.

Valerie Concepcion reportedly got the shock of her life courtesy of Manny Pacquiao's wife, Jinky.

According to entertainment columnist Vinia Vivar, Valerie received a scathing text message last December 3 from someone who introduced herself as "Jinky Pacquiao." The latter was said to be fuming after seeing Valerie's torrid kissing scene with her husband in the movie Anak ng Kumander, an entry in the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival.

The text message said: "This is Jinky Pacquiao. I saw you on TV with my husband in a kissing scene. How sweet! Ito lang ang masasabi ko, kung isa ka rin sa may balak na manira at sisirain [sic] pamilya ko, hindi kita uurungan o kaya gusto mo puntahan kita sa Wowowee at ipagsigawan ang kalandian mo. Balita ko, naghahanap ka ng bahay. So, pera ba kailangan mo? Subukan mo [sic] mga binabalak, lalabanan kita."

A stunned Valerie, however, refrained from replying and opted to keep an open mind since she's not definite if the message really came from Jinky.


Defending her reputation, Valerie meekly confided to Vinia, "Hindi naman po ako pumapatol sa may asawa na, hindi po ako ganun."

SHOCKED AS WELL. But "Jinky" wasn't the only one who was shocked by the kissing scene. Curiously, even Valerie's manager, Becky Aguila, was reportedly stunned after catching a glimpse of the scene in TV Patrol World.

"Ang usapan kasi namin ay walang kissing scene and the most na puwedeng gawin ni Val ay holding hands lang and embrace," explained Becky. The controversial manager was pertaining to the agreement she allegedly had with film director, Kaka Balagtas. Doing a torrid screen kiss, according to Becky, was totally out of the agreement owing to Valerie's wholesome image.

"Mayroon tayong tinatawag na career plan," vented the manager. "Wala sa career plan ni Val to go daring so far. She's projecting a wholesome image, may noontime show siya na Wowowee na mostly ay mga bata and elderly ang nanonood. Kaya I got really shocked when I saw Val's kissing scene. This is not the way it's supposed to be."


Becky argued that reprimanding Valerie would be pointless since she's just being professional and would most likely adhere to the commands of her director.

JUST A REEL KISS. As for Jinky Pacquiao, Becky assured the feisty mother of three that the kiss that transpired between Manny and Valerie would remain safely only on reel, not made real.

Speaking in behalf of her ward, Becky guaranteed Jinky: "I assure her na hindi gagawin ni Val na sirain ang pamilya nila. Kilala ko yung bata. She may [have] had her mistakes when she was young but she has learned her lesson. Besides, Val is not the kind who gets involved with a married man."

As for the house mentioned supposedly by Mrs. Pacquaio, Becky once more defended Valerie against the attack.

"Manggagaling 'yon sa sariling pawis ni Val. She's really working hard and trying to give her family and her daughter as well, a better life," said Valerie's manager.






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