Lian Paz will forgive ex-boyfriend Mark Herras if he apologizes and admits his mistake

"Madali naman akong mag-forgive. If he would say sorry,and kung tatanggapin niya ang nagawa niyang kasalanan, e, why not?Hindi naman ako mapagtanim ng sama ng loob," says Lian Paz about ex-boyfriend Mark Herras.

It's been a week since EB Babe Lian Paz and Mark Herras called it quits. Yesterday, January 13, Lian guested live for the first time in Showbiz Central as she faced the Central Jury to answer questions about the breakup.

Lian is arguably the most popular member of EB Babes, an all-girl dance group which regularly performs in Eat Bulaga!, because of her revelations about her dark past and rumored links to some showbiz personalities, including Janno Gibbs. Lian, however, really caught the attention of many when she and Mark became an item. When the two broke up, news had it that Lian was cheating on Mark.

Since this was her first live interview, SC's Central Jury, DJ Mo Twister and Pia Guanio, started at the very top of Lian's long line of issues. First was about the "Hello Kitty" issue. Is it true that Janno's keepsake became the reason of her rift with Gladys Guevarra?

"Hindi po," Lian answered. "Hindi totoo yun. Kasi for me, wala naman akong tampo sa kanya and tapos na po yun."

What if she suddenly bumps into Gladys, would she say "Hello?"

"Of course!" answered Lian.

But the skeptical Mo Twister didn't believe her. He asked, "Yung dalawang ex mo, si Randolf [Stematelaky] at si Mark Herras ay may conflict daw hanggang ngayon. Hindi sila naghe-hello or hi. The reason behind that daw, e, pinag-sabay mo daw silang dalawa. Is that true?"

"It's a big NO," answered Lian.

Mo replied, "E, bakit hindi sila magkasundo?"


"I don't know," Lian wondered. "Siguro selos factor, but wala naman pagseselosan because that's my past. And siya [Mark] rin naman may past, so hindi na dapat pag-iiringan yun."

Pia, who was filling in for Rufa Mae Quinto on the Central Jury, asked if it's true that Mark broke up with her because of her friendship with a certain professional basketball player.

"No," Lian immediately answered. "I have friends na basketball players, pero hindi naman to the extent na lagi kaming nagkikita. Wala pong ganun. Actually, naaabala nga natin ang ibang tao na wala naman kinalaman sa breakup namin, katulad ni Dondon Hontiveros."

"Naabala? Paano mong masasabi na naaabala sila?" Pia asked.

Lian replied, "Siyempre, parang na-affected yung tao dahil napapasama siya sa issue ‘tapos may narinig ako from a friend na bakit nadamay pa siya [Hontiveros] sa issue."

"But that's on your side," Mo interjected. "E, side naman ni Mark, feeling mo ba na si Mark cheated on you? Do you think may ibang girl o third party sa side naman ni Mark?"

"May naririnig po ako..." Lian began. "I don't believe unless he will be the one to tell me."

THE SOP ENCOUNTER. Lian and Mark both guested on GMA-7's Sunday musical variety show, SOP, earlier that afternoon, but it was far from okay since people noticed how distant they were and that the two ex-lovers hardly looked at each other during their dance number. What exactly did Lian feel back there when she was that close to Mark?


"Wala. Normal feeling lang na nakita ko siya ulit, yun lang," a slightly amused Lian said.

Why didn't she approach Mark?

"E, kasi ayoko," Lian answered as she let out a small giggle. "Siyempre, kung ikaw ang lalaki, dapat ikaw muna gumawa ng first move at hindi yung babae."

I WILL FORGIVE MARK IF... Mo, who studied Lian's face while the latter was answering the question, quickly asked, "How long will it take you to forgive Mark para sa nangyari, yung halimbawa sa pagbe-break niya thru text lang? When would you be able to forgive him for this?"

"Madali naman akong mag-forgive," said Lian. "If he would say sorry, and kung tatanggapin niya ang nagawa niyang kasalanan, e, why not? Hindi naman ako mapagtanim ng sama ng loob."

What did exactly did she mean by "Kung tatanggapin niya ang nagawa niyang kasalanan?" Is she referring to the way Mark broke up with her, through text, or was it the breakup in its entirety?

"Yes," Lian answered. "I have no idea kung bakit sinabi niya na break na kami. Actually, it happened na he texted me last Christmas at sinabi niya na cool-off muna, ganun. ‘Tapos nalaman ko from his friend na pinagkakalat niya na break na pala kami."

When she received the text message, didn't she try to contact Mark?

"I was trying to call him but he wouldn't answer his phone," Lian said.

But did he even give a reason why he decided to call it quits?

"Sabi niya, he wants to find himself," Lian answered.


Upon hearing this, Mo let out a sardonic laugh while Pia commented that it was like a standard breakup reason. Shaking his head, Mo asked, "So there's no effort para kausapin ka?"

"No effort po," Lian said.

Does she still love the guy who left her because he had to find himself?

"Hindi ko na alam, pero mahal ko siya in a way na may pinagsamahan kami. May respeto ako sa kanya..." Lian answered.

Lian, however, doubts Mark's faithfulness to her since her reliable source told her that there was a third party involved. As she said, once a guy says that he needs to find himself, and only tells her that through text, then she considers it ungentlemanly.

If Lian ever saw Mark, would she go up to him and ask for a complete explanation?

"No," Lian bluntly said.

THE KILLER QUESTION. The end of every interview on SC's Central Jury segment gives the interviewee the opportunity to answer one (usually controversial) question or the "Killer Question." Lian, who looked pert despite the weight of the issue, decided to reveal the question given to her and answer it.

The question: "Sabi mo, hindi mo maintindihan kung bakit hiniwalayan ka ni Mark Herras dahil ang balita, totoong nagtaksil ka daw kay Mark. Totoo bang noong kayo pa ni Mark, lihim ka ring nakikipag-date kay Polo Ravales?"

"No, I never dated Polo," was Lian's anti-climatic reply.





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