Camille Prats on her untimely pregnancy: "No regrets."

"In the eyes of God, I have committed a sin. But I am not covering it upby committing another. I never thought of getting rid of my child justfor the sake of cleaning my name that has always been under the publiceye," writes Camille Prats in her blog entry.

Any time this month ay nakatakda nang magsilang ng kanyang first baby ang dating child actress na si Camille Prats sa Los Angeles, California. Four months na halos si Camille na nag-i-stay sa Amerika kasama ang ama ng kanyang magiging anak na si Anthony Linsangan.

Ngayon, araw na lang ang hinihintay ni Camille para sa kanyang pagsilang kay Nathan, ang napili nilang pangalan ni Anthony para sa kanilang panganay na anak. Kapiling rin ni Camille ang kanyang mga magulang sa Amerika na simula pa noong Christmas at New Year ay bumisita sa kanya.

Humingi ang PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ng permission kay Camille kung maaari ba naming i-post dito ang ilang messages at blog entries niya sa kanyang online journal, na kung titingnan ay puwedeng maging inspirasyon at guide rin for young moms like her.

Hindi naman nagkait si Camille. "I haven't given birth yet...anytime na daw..and I can't wait!" ang eksaktong reply ni Camille sa email when we asked for her permission.

Ayon sa unang blog entry ni Camille, "I'm glad I'm here right now kahit nami-miss ko na ang Pinas. Now, I'm living a completely ordinary life and I am so glad I'm doing it. I'm glad I got the chance to do and learn these things. Twenty-two na ako at ngayon ko lang ginagawa lahat ‘to! Better late than never.

"I know when I get back, things will be different again. My daily routines will be back to the way they were, the routine I got so used to all my life. Now I have experienced change, a drastic one I may say. And I adapted to that change. And it gives me a sense of fulfillment. I've done a lot of things I have never done before. One major thing is being far from my family for a long time.


"I'm so glad I did it.

"I'm so glad I'm here. I'll be back soon. A better, experienced and still the same Princess (mom) Camille."

Ikinuwento rin ni Camille kung paanong sa loob ng apat na buwan ay natutuhan niyang maging domesticated. Natutunan daw niya how to clean the house; sweep/mop the floors; magluto or else, aniya, magugutom sila ng baby niya; maglaba, mag-grocery; maglinis ng bathroom; at iba pang mga gawaing-bahay.

Sa recent entry naman niya, dated January 15, nakasaad dito how happy, inspired, excited, and matured Camille is at kung paano niya buong-tapang na hinarap at ipinaglaban ang kinasuungang situwasyon.

"I was never afraid with the life I have chosen to live ‘coz in my heart, I've always known that I have done the right thing. I knew I will be scrutinized, judged, and ridiculed.

"It's part of this world we live in, the society surrounding us. I can take all that, because that does not compare to the joy this little boy has given me. I was given the gift of life. And there is no one else who is responsible of this innocent and defenseless life but me. I am the only one who can fight for the life of my child. And I will do it no matter what the world throws at me. Because I know it's all worth it.

"Just to make things clear, I am not encouraging other young women to get pregnant unmarried. No. In the eyes of God, I have committed a sin. But I am not covering it up by committing another. I never thought of getting rid of my child just for the sake of cleaning my name that has always been under the public eye. I never thought of giving up my child just to maintain my ‘wholesome image.' I had to stand up for the life of my child. No one can protect him but me. I can take everything anyone can throw at me but no one can ever hurt my child.


"I am here standing up for what I did. Because when this happened to me, reality kicked in. It's happening to young women around me. Women who are scared and never knew what to do. Women who are left by their coward, immature partners to face this battle alone. I am here telling you to think. Think of the life inside you, before you do anything drastic, think of the life given and entrusted to you. And then decide.

"When you've finally made up your decision. Go for it. Face it head on. Don't look back. No regrets. Fight. This is how life can be. And we always have the power and right to choose the way we want to live it.

"Think. Fight. Be strong. I encourage you to DO THE RIGHT THING. PRAY. He is always there to give comfort and strength.

"Never mind what other people say. You can't do anything about that. But you can do something to save a life. A life entrusted to you.

"PRAY. Ask for strength. I assure you. He's always there."





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