Heart Evangelista gives details about reconciliation with her father

Heart Evangelista thinks that her boyfriendJericho Rosales is already "the one" for her. She says "Hindi naman kasi ako yung type na nabu-bored. I'minto partnership, ganyan. Si Echo dinnaman, madami man siyang naging girls before, pero isa lang kapag isa. Hindi naman siya nangangaliwa."

Actress Heart Evangelista described to the entertainmentpress how her life has been after reconciliation with her father—restaurant magnate Reynaldo Ongpauco—late last year.

"It's much better. I'm even closer to my dad now," Heart told the entertainment press who attended the mediajunket for Your Song: Muntik Na Kitang Minahal at 9501 restaurant in ABS-CBN compound yesterday, January 29.

The 22-year-old actress continued, "Like, there are so manythings that I can tell my dad now that I couldn't tell him before. I really think na talagang okay din yungnangyari. Hindi ko sinasabi na parang dyina-justify ko yung nangyari,hindi. Pero mabuti na rin na naging ganun ako, medyo ano ako noong time na yun,because it needed to happen."

Heart also admitted that when she and her father reconciled, she had little awkward moments with her family, especially withher dad.

"May ilangan talaga," Heart said. "Kunwari simple things like, there's a timeparang noong Christmas, shinopping niya [her father] kami ng mga bags. Hindi ko matanggap kasi parang feeling ko... Nahihiya naman ako na pinag-shopping pa niya ako 'tapos kakabati lang namin. So may mga ganun. Pero yung dad ko kasi yung tipong kung hindi mo i-accept yungibibigay, magagalit siya sa iyo. Nowit's okay na."

Heart said that the reconciliation has changed herrelationship, not only with her dad, but also with her mother. She said her parents are not as strict nowas they were before.

Heart explained, "What's nice about my family, I think,noong naghiwalay kami, mayroon din kaming mga natutunan. Hindi ko sinasabing may mali sila, peromayroon din silang mga naintindihan. So now, they don't really demand.


"Actually, nag-a-advice sila, ganyan, they ask me what'snext. They ask me, of course, they'remy parents. Pero di na sila yung,‘Kailangan mong gawin 'to, kailangan mong gawin 'to.'"

THE BOYS IN HEART'S LIFE. During the interview, Heart related how her boyfriend JerichoRosales, or popularly known as Echo, encouraged her to make the first move toresolve things with her dad.

"Nung nangyari yung sa parents ko, para sa akin, di ba,parang I was somebody else? Nagpapadala na lang yung lalaki. But Echo was insistent that, ‘They're yourparents,'" said Heart.

Heart admitted that growing up in the States taught hervalues that are different from the Filipino culture. She was grateful that Echo helped her change some of it, which led to her decision to approach her dad.

Heart explained, "For me, because pinalaki ako saStates, dahil lahat ng mga tao doon independent, ganyan... Kahit hindi ako independent, kahit hindi akomature, nag-iisip ako na parang, ‘Bakit, kaya ko rin naman na mag-isa rin namanako.' Wala talaga akong family [values] na parang kailangan ko silangi-respect.

"Kahit noong nagsisimba kami, from time to time, kunwarimay patama yung pastor, siya [Jericho] parang, ‘Sabi sa 'yo, Babe, puntahan mo na.'Because of his constant try to bring me back and tell me to go back to myparent, I did."

Heart also mentioned that her dad is slowly trying to accept Jericho.

The young actress then told a short story about it. Heart's uncle apparently gave her dad a pairof Marc Ecko shoes as a gift during the New Year's celebration. Upon seeing the brand name, Mr. Ongpaucoblurted, "Naku, may-ari 'ata nito si Echo."


Heart felt glad when she heard that from her dad. "Dati kasi, puro ‘Si ano, si ano.' Hindiname-mention yung name. It's the first time he did joke," said Heart

With this, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked ifher dad would attend the planned housewarming for Echo's new house.

Heart replied, "To be frank, I don'tthink he's gonna attend. I think it'snot yet now."

But Heart said that she and Echo are willing towait for the right moment. "I mean, if it feels that it's not time, I dorespect that. Kahit pa sabihin mongi-five years pa ng tatay ko 'yan? Irespect that because we did something that was wrong. And it's up to him, when he's ready," ended Heart.





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