Sam Milby clarifies rumored relationship with Bangs Garcia

Like several celebrities, Sam says he will beworking on Valentine's Day. "Let uswork on Valentines Day," Sam said smiling.

"We were never together," Sam Milby exclaimed when EntertainmentLive host Toni Gonzaga asked him if he ever had a relationship with Palosactress Bangs Garcia.

Last month in one of the press conferences of Palos,Bangs (or Valerie in real life) claimed that the actor-commercial model becameher boyfriend during their Close Up to Fame days when both of them were endorsers of the said toothpaste brand.

The young actress added that she went out on several dateswith the Maging Sino Ka Man actor.

Although Sam confirmed that he went out with Bangs, theyoung actor strongly denied that there was a special relationshipbetween him and Bangs.

In an interview aired in Entertainment Live yesterday,February 2, the young actor related what really happened. He said, "Bago ako pumasok sa [Pinoy BigBrother], parang we went out na dating for mga three weeks lang. And then, after three weeks na we weredating, she got to Close Up to Fame. So, pagkatapos noon, parang we just stop talking. And then, mga one week or two weeks later, Ientered PBB."


After that, Sam agreed with what Bangs said during the pressconference of Palos. He said,"We haven't talked that much even after the [PBB]."

Sam also said that he never courted Bangs. He explained, "Kasi at that time siyempre Icame from the States so I don't know courtship na ganyan, dating parangganyan."

Entertainment Live asked him if he now plans tocontinue courting Bangs. But Sam simplyanswered, "Hindi, wala talaga. That wasalmost three years ago,"


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