Patrick Garcia denies breakup with Jennylyn Mercado

Patrick Garcia denies the rumors saying he has beenignoring his pregnant girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado. He argues, "I try to see her as much as possible, of course,to take care of her para sa magiging baby namin."

After Jennylyn Mercado's no-show at thepress conference of her latest movie Half Blood Samurai, allegedly caused by herboyfriend Patrick Garcia, rumors started to circulate that the couple have alreadyended their relationship.

Tabloid reports even claim that Patrick has beenignoring his girlfriend, who is more than two months pregnant with their firstbaby.

"I don't really know what's coming out," remarked Patrick who seemed to beclueless when Entertainment Live asked him about the issue.

In an interview aired in the showbiz talk showyesterday, February 2, he defended himself. "Hindi ko naman matatalikuran yun, e. It's very impossible na gawin ko yun. Nagkikita kami, magkasama kami palagi. I try to see her as much as possible, ofcourse, to take care of her para sa magiging baby namin."

The young actor also reasoned out that maybe Jennylyn isjust being emotional, which is normal during pregnancy.

He explained, "Whatever she's going through, emotionally anolang... Of course, there are many changes...I just have to deal with the changes andattend to her needs. Kailangan ko yung...kasi when you're pregnant, you know, you have some hormonal changes, moodswings."


But Patrick did not put all the blame on her girlfriend'spregnancy. He admitted thatsometimes he fails in his responsibilities.

He said, "There are some things na hindi ko nagagawafor her. You know, I'm just human. I think it's just blown out of proportion samga nababasa niya."

Entertainment Live also got the reactionsof Patrick's mother and sister about the issue.

For Cheska, Patrick's sister, littlemisunderstandings are just normal in any relationship. "Siguro nagkakatampuhan ornagkakaaway sila. Siguro natural langyun bilang mag-boyfriend at saka mag-girlfriend, lalung-lalo nang buntis siya[Jennylyn]. Ang reaction ko lang dun,I'd rather resolve it with my partner. I guess this is one of the trials of their relationship."

On the other hand, Patrick's mom Bing Garcia confessed, "Angkatotohanan, lagi yatang nag-aaway."

She surmised that couple must be undergoing the adjustment period. "Siguro yung girl kapag laging nag-aaway, siguro yun na lagi na lang siyangnagrereklamo 'tapos after a while magkakabati...Siguro minsan kapag may mga notion na, ‘hay in love ka 'tapos lagikayong magkasama,' hindi naman araw-araw puwedeng ganun, di ba?"


As a mother, Mommy Bing advised Jennylyn: "Wala panaman masyadong ginagawa si [Patrick]. Probably, dapat maintindihan niya[Jennylyn] sa nangyari na 'to, di ba, 'di naman puwedeng pagmadaliin dahil walanaman sa kamay ni [Patrick] ang lahat."

Meanwhile, Patrick's message for Jennylyn was, "Kung ayaw niya[Jennylyn] sa akin, e, susulput-sulpot pa rin ako." He also remained positive in thinking that their pettyproblems could be resolved.

He ended, "Kung anuman yung napapag-awayan namin or hindinapagkakasunduan. At the end of the day, e, naayos naman. Of course, she's very emotional also now,little things, to her, big deal yun."


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