Celebrity couple Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama take lie-detector test

Eddie Gutierrez and wife Annabelle Rama took the lie-detector test in the "Don't Lie To Me" segment of John "Sweet" Lapus in Showbiz Central.

Showbiz Central and its viewers got an early Valentine treat in John "Sweet" Lapus's"Don't Lie to Me" segment yesterday, February 3, featuring celebrity couple Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama. The parents of Richard, Raymond, and Ruffa Gutierrez appeared calm and confident as the lie-detector machine loomed, as if ready to dig up some juicy secrets about them. The questions made for them were similar, though one was locked up inside a sound-proof booth to avoid getting clues on what to answer, while the other was strapped to the lie detector to answer Sweet's questions.

ANNABELLE RAMA. Annabelle was the first to be strapped to the lie detector while Eddie looked on from inside the booth, deprived of all sound, but enjoying it.

Sweet wasted no time in getting started. He asked Annabelle, "Totoo po ba, na sa physical attributes n'yo sa inyong katawan, ang nagustuhan daw ni Tito Eddie ay ang inyong legs?"


"Yes," Annabelle said without hesitation. As it turned out, she was telling the truth! Curious, John asked, "Nung una ba kayong nagkakilala ni Tito Eddie, e, naka-miniskirt ba kayo nun?"

"Hindi ako mahilig sa pantalon, puro miniskirt lang nung araw," Annabelle said, "Tsaka yung nakalabas yung likod ko!"

The next question was, whenever the couple fights, is it true that Annabelle makes the first move to patch things up if Eddie gives her gifts—most especially jewelry?

"No," Annabelle answered. The lie detector confirmed the feisty celebrity mom's answer.

Happy with the result, Annabelle said, "Actually, walang regalo at walang suyo, e. Ako ang sumusuyo sa kanya 'pag nag-aaway kami."

The next question was so sensual that John coyly asked, "Tita Annabelle, sa palagay po ba ninyo, para kay Tito Eddie, kayo po ba ay may asim pa?"

Before John could finish his "Don't lie to me, yes or no" spiel, Annabelle immediately answered a confident "Yes." John exclaimed, "Ang sagot ni Tita Annabelle, walang kaasim-asim! Dahil isa itong matamis na ‘Yes!' Feeling ko kinilig kayo sa question na yun!"


The lie detector may have also sensed the sweetness in Annabelle ‘s voice as it affirmed her answer.

Was it true that Annabelle was the boss [and not Eddie] of the Gutierrez household?

"No," Annabelle answered. The machine contradicted this. John and the Abztract Dancers did their signature dance moves, much to the laughing embarrassment of Annabelle. And then, John asked, "Sa desisyon po sa bahay, sino po ba ang nasusunod?"

"Siyempre si Eduardo," Anabelle replied, "Minsan naman nag-uusap-usap kaming dalawa kung papaano o may problema, pinag-uusapan namin yun."

The final question was tricky. Known as the feisty, honest, and frank celebrity mom, is it true that only Eddie has the ability to dumbfound her?

"Yes," smiled Annabelle as she waited for the result. It turned out to be true. When John asked, she explained, "Masamang magalit [si Eddie]. Lahat kami takot diyan. Bihirang-bihira magalit, pero pag nagalit, tago na kaming lahat."


It's 4 out of 5 for Annabelle Rama!

EDDIE GUTIERREZ. The former Sampaguita Pictures matinee idol was next to be strapped in as Sweet prepped up for the questions. The calm atmosphere surrounding Eddie made him look unassuming and cool, always smiling and tense-free.

"Tito Eddie," John began, "totoo ba na ang nagustuhan ninyong physical asset kay Annabelle ay ang kanyang legs?"

"Yes," answered Eddie with zest that made Annabelle smile shyly. The lie detector agreed and the crowd applauded. He explained, "Nung una ko siyang nakita, talagang laging naka-miniskirt si Annabelle nung araw. Doon ako na-in love."

When asked about the jewelry-related question, Eddie also answered a "No," which proved true. When it comes to the panunuyo, he explained, "Pag siya ang may kasalanan, siya ang nagso-sorry. ‘Pag ako may kasalanan, ako ang nagso-sorry."

John asked what gift Eddie gives to Annabelle after they make up, and he answered, "Halik."

Sweet also asked Eddie the "asim" question. Naturally, he answered a romantic "yes" while looking at Annabelle's direction. As the crowd giggled in approval, the lie detector confirmed it as the truth. When John asked for Annabelle's reaction, she said, "Dapat lang, 'no. Siyempre."


When the "boss" question was raised, everyone thought that Eddie was going to say that he was the boss of their household, but to everyone's surprise, he said that it is really Annabelle. The lie detector also agreed with his answer. After the laughs died down, he said, "Actually, si Annabelle lagi 'yang boss. Pero ‘pag hindi na niya kaya, ako ang pinupuntahan niya at ako ang nagpu-provide ng decision."

The last question about the "tameme" was also answered by Eddie as a "Yes." Overall, he got a perfect score.

Eddie will celebrate his birthday on February 6.


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