KC Concepcion dedicates TV acting debut to mom Sharon Cuneta

Finally taking the bait to plunge into acting via Maala-ala Mo Kaya's post-Valentine special, KC Concepcion now prepares herself for the inevitable attack of intrigues. "I always face naman the controversy and always tell the truth," said KC. Struggling to find the right words, she added: "I don't know what to say. Hindi pa siguro ako sanay or anything. But I don't look forward to any kinds of intrigues and I hope I'm not a cause of an

With only a few days to go before her television acting debut, KC Concepcion is starting to feel the jitters usually felt by any young upstart.

Although she's no stranger to the world of acting, having done theater in the past, subjecting herself before the camera was a totally different experience, KC said. She is also well aware that the public is holding their collective breath in anxious anticipation of her official foray into show business.

"Twenty-two years po in the making siya," laughed KC, pertaining to the number of years leading to her decision to finally make a go at it through ABS-CBN's award winning drama anthology series, Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK). Her episode will be aired on Friday, February 15.

"Well, it was really a transition for me," said KC to the members of the media during a press conference held last February 11 at the 9501 restaurant in ABS-CBN.

"It was an adjustment period for me because I started in theater. So it was really a transition stage for me to get into television, in front of the camera," she added.


Comparing the two mediums, KC explained that in stage acting, the actor has more control in terms of delivery and execution. Movements could also be exaggerated yet calculated at the same time.

"It's more real, I think," she then said about film acting. "In terms of movement, ‘yong space, lahat, kung ano ‘yong gagawin natin in real life, 'yon din. There's no exaggeration and naka-capture lahat ng camera.

"And it's a director's medium, ‘yong director po ‘yong bahala kung anong gusto niya kasi siya po 'yong nakakakita ng lahat, kung ano'ng gusto niyang mangyari."

TREADING THE SAME ROUTE. Being the daughter of two great, beloved actors in local cinema is also an added pressure. Interestingly, KC confessed that she never fully realized how profound the impact of the environment she grew up with until the time she relived the entire experience—but this time as an adult and with the spotlight solely on her.


With a tinge of nostalgia, KC recounted, "Of course, my inspiration for this is really my mom [Sharon Cuneta]. Because dinadala niya ako sa set noong bata pa ako and doon ako gumagawa ng homework ko, and doon kami nagba-bonding together.

"So, hindi ko alam, malaki pala talaga ‘yong influence na iyon sa akin in terms of the craft, and noong napapanood ko siya, commitment niya doon sa trabaho niya and ‘yong love niya doon sa mga nakakatrabaho niya, and doon sa trabaho mismo. It means so much, it's a big part of me na hindi ko nari-realize until nagawa namin ‘to."

Just like any other artist whose work is bound to be exposed to public scrutiny, KC is bracing herself for the onslaught of both good and bad reviews. But she is much more concerned about how her mom would react and critique her performance.

"I dedicate this to my mom," she sweetly announced. Wearing a tentative grin, she humbly wished, "I hope I make her proud."






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