Alicia Mayer admits she’s pregnant courtesy of politician bf

Although Alicia Mayer courageously admitted that she is in the early stages of motherhood, she declined to name her politician boyfriend who is the father of the child. "E, kasi hindi naman kasi showbiz, e. So, tingin ko parang unfair naman for him and also for me, kasi ayoko rin siyang magulo," explained Alicia to StarTalk hosts Butch Francisco and Lorna Tolentino.

Alicia Mayer publicly admitted that she is indeed pregnant courtesy of her politician boyfriend whom she refuses to identify.

"Gusto ko kasi magsimula na sa ‘kin," said Alicia on her decision to come out to StarTalk hosts Butch Francisco and Lorna Tolentino earlier today, March 1.

As for the background of the father, Alicia played coy. "Let's just say that he's loving," she smiled before adding, "Hindi, actually, hindi siya ano, sa showbiz..."

"Politics?" quizzed Butch.

"Oo, politics," Alicia, who for a time became involved with comedian and ex-Parañaque mayor Joey Marquez, replied readily.

"E, kasi hindi naman kasi showbiz, e. So, tingin ko parang unfair naman for him and also for me, kasi ayoko rin siyang magulo.

UNNAMED BACHELOR. To put any malicious rumors at bay, the dusky sexy actress clarified that her politician boyfriend is very much single and commitment-free.

Currently on the first trimester of her pregnancy, Alicia proudly announced that her family is very excited and are eagerly awaiting the newest family addition.

"Actually, very happy sila," she said. "'Yong family ko no'ng nalaman nila. Siyempre, lahat sila, lahat naman sila supportive sa ‘kin kahit na ano'ng ginagawa ko. So, especially now na siyempre magkakaroon ng bagong addition sa family."

And the feeling, according to Alicia, is mutual as far as the reaction of her boyfriend's family is concerned.

"I think they're happy also," smiled Alicia.

MARRIAGE PLANS. Proving that there are no glitches or whatsoever in their relationship, Alicia mentioned that the possibility of marriage is very much into consideration although it is more likely that it won't happen during the course of the pregnancy.

"Siyempre meron in the future, ‘di ba?" she told Butch when broached on formalizing their union.

Just like any other couple, Alicia confessed that prior to her delicate condition, she and her boyfriend were already entertaining the thought of settling down.


"Sinasabi ko nga kanina parang dati kasi lagi kaming nagbibiruan. ‘Di ba? ‘Pag nasa relationship kayo, ‘pakasal tayo,' ganun. Parang puro biro then you put it aside," she said.

Pregnancy obviously made the situation serious, in the process, altering Alicia's point of view.

"Pero ngayon parang siguro pagka tinanong ulit ako, since na merong baby, siguro I'd put it through consideration. Siguro parang gano'n."

Again, an altar date at this point would just have to wait until Alicia regains that whistlebait figure of hers.

"'Pag kakasya na 'ko sa magandang gown!" she wittingly hit back.





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