Dingdong Dantes bares all in EDSA

How does it feel to be regarded as a sex symbol? "Kung karapat-dapat ba, bakit hindi?" smiled Dingdong. "It's always a privilege. But like what I said, hindi ko naman pupuwedeng ipagpilitan ‘yon. Nasa sa tao ‘yon kung gusto nila or hindi."

The moment his humongous Bench billboard was unveiled last Saturday, March 8, in Guadalupe, Makati City, young actor Dingdong Dantes tried his best to remain cool amidst all the applause and colorful fireworks that lit the evening sky.

Dingdong worked hard to achieve his hunky image, going through all the pains and discipline he imposed on himself every time he went to the gym to workout.

"Siyempre, pinaghirapan ko talaga ‘to," Dingdong would say, time in time again when asked about his gorgeous physique.

Before the official unveiling, Dingdong first went to the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City for a mini-fashion show to showcase Bench's current collection in time for the summer season. He even did his own rendition of the Juan dela Cruz classic "Beep Beep" before gracing the catwalk.

After the fashion show, Dingdong along with some members of the press stormed all the way to Guadalupe in EDSA, Makati City for the official presentation of Dingdong's billboard, which would also seal the young actor's inclusion in the growing number of Bench elite endorsers.


Fortified with champagne and cocktails, the anticipation felt by everyone onboard the ferry was heightened as the siren roared to signify the main event. At around six in the evening, the massive billboard draped in red was finally revealed to the public. Seen for the first time was the image of a tanned Dingdong Dantes, "Sergio" to his young fans, clad only in his Bench underwear.

And as Dingdong's billboard stood mightily overlooking EDSA, colorful fireworks began lighting up the sky and above the young actor's imposing image.

Without saying a single word, Dingdong Dantes gazed at the entire ceremony with pride and disbelief written all over his handsome face. It was too good to be real.

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