Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid excited over Michelle Van Eimeren's visit this year

"We're veryexcited. I'm looking forward to that and sana maging maayos lahat," says RegineVelasquez about the news that Michelle Van Eimeren, the former wife of her boyfriend Ogie Alcasid, will visit the Philippines this year.

Last December, real-life celebrity couple Regine Velasquezand Ogie Alcasid flew to Sydney, Australia, to spend Christmaswith Ogie's former wife Michelle Van Eimeren and their two daughters,Leila, 5, and Sarah, 10.

Asia's Songbird described their reunion: "It was one ofthe most touching, nerve-wracking..."

Michelle wholeheartedly accepted Regine asthe girlfriend of her daughters' father. In fact, through a phone patch during the birthday celebrationof Regine in SOP last year, Michelle publicly announced, "Gusto kongmalaman ng mga tao na si Regine, family ko yun."

Since Regine and Ogie already visited Michelle inAustralia, the next question was, "When will Michelle visit thePhilippines again?"

Ogie said in an interview last year, "Next year, sige. Manonood yun [ng concert ko]. Yung kids ko, matagal na akong hindinapapanood, e. Sa YouTube lang nila akonapapanood, e."

The singer-songwriter was referring to his 20thanniversary concert that will happen in September this year.

What does Regine feel about this news?

In an exclusive interview with The Buzz airedyesterday, March 16, she replied, "We're very excited. I'm looking forward tothat and sana maging maayos lahat. Ofcourse, we'll make sure that they'll have a great time."


Regine and Ogie will makesure that Michelle's visit will make their respect for each other stronger.

"Hindi naman ako mawawala, e. Nandito pa rin naman ako, e," assured Ogie. "Solid tayo, solidtayo. Forty [years old] na ako, e, sothis is it, baby."

Regine also added, "We're doing really good. Basta we're just gonna enjoy what we havenow."

WEDDING PLANS. Inthe same interview, The Buzz also asked Regine about their most awaitedwedding.

Ogie did not have any details to give. Instead, he told The Buzz, "Sino banamang may ayaw nun, di ba? Alam n'yonaman, I still have to fix things."

Regine, on the other hand, joked about her plans for herwedding. She told The Buzz injest, "Ang gusto ko sa malayong lugar at saka yung mamahalin, mga Paris... yunghindi mo ako masusundan."

Then she seriously said, "We haven't really talked about ityet but if ever we do, I'd like to have a... Usually, di ba, lahat ng babae [they want it] big? I probably am the only who wants a smallwedding. I want it to be my personalthing."



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