Celebrities captivated by the beauty of Palawan

(from top right, clockwise) Dina Bonnevie, Yasmien Kurdi, Nancy Castiglione, and Bianca King encourage people to try diving in Palawan.

As the sun heats up, many people are gearing up for their summer getaway. PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked some celebrities how they want to beat the scorching heat.

PEP was surprised that four of the celebrities interviewed gave the same answer: they all want to go to Palawan to dive. Find out why Dina Bonnevie, Yasmien Kurdi, Nancy Castilione, and Bianca King like the most famous province in Region 4.

"THE WATER IS PELAGIC." Dina Bonnevie, who is a self-confessed diver, told PEP during the press conference of Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita that she wants to be on the beach during summer. Her favorite places: "Kung dito sa Pilipinas, I like Bohol, I like Palawan. Pareho ko yung gusto pero not during the Holy Week kasi ang daming tao. Parang super palengke na, ang dami na masyado. I want to go kapag hindi na masyadong matao.

"Kapag sa ibang bansa naman, siyempre I like Bali [Indonesia]. Bondi beach [Sydney, Australia] maganda rin; Phuket, Thailand. I like Amanpulo [Palawan] kasi it's so private sa Palawan kaysa sa [Boracay]."

Dina explained why she loves the island province in Western Visayas so much. "Alam mo kung bakit mas maganda sa Palawan? Kasi I'm a diver, e, and the water there is very pelagic. Talagang kahit na six feet lang, marami kang makikita.

"In [Boracay] kasi, parang walang masyadong dive spots. I like it in Palawan kasi I go there to sunbathe and I can dive because I like diving. And hindi masyadong commercial, mas mahal pero hindi mo naman kasama yung isang tropang ten million people sa beach na binibilang ang mga nunal mo, 'di ba?"

"TRY SKINNY-DIPPING." Yasmien Kurdi couldn't agree more with Ms. Dina about Palawan as an ideal getaway.

Yasmien proudly talked about the Philippines during an event held recently at the 19 East Bar and Grill. The StarStruck alumna told PEP, "Best place for summer getaway, hindi ako magbabago, Palawan. Palawan-Coron, Taytay, El Nido—yun ang best place. Pumunta ako sa beaches dito sa Asia, like Phuket, Malaysia, pumunta ka ng kung anu-anong beaches dito sa Asia... Alam n'yo, maniwala man kayo o sa hindi, the best pa rin po ang Pilipinas. Kaya proud to be Pilipino pa rin po ako. Ang ganda ng Palawan, napakaganda."


Yasmien then narrated her most unforgettable experience in Palawan. She said, "Punta kayo sa Big Lagoon, mag-kayak lang kayo at tumalon ka sa bangka ng hubad. I-try mo lang talaga yun dahil wala talagang tao, at sumigaw ka nang sumigaw kapag galit ka."

"I SPENT MY BIRTHDAY IN PALAWAN." For a certified scuba diver like Nancy Castiglione, the beach would be the perfect place for summer.

"I'm a beach person because I love outdoor sports, I love diving," said Nancy in an interview with PEP and YES! magazine during the event of The Face Shop last March 12.

"I just spent my birthday in Lagen [Island, El Nido, Palawan]. I also went diving in Anilao [Batangas]. I wanna go to Balicasag [Bohol] just for diving, I haven't seen it yet, and Tubbataha [Palawan].

"Palawan is gorgeous. You know what, the Philippines is underestimated. There are so many beautiful places here."

Nancy, though, was disappointed about not being able to go to any of these places this summer because she has to work. Nancy regretfully said, "Sayang nga this Holy Week I'll be working and not being able to do that. But work means I'll be able to afford to go on those trips, right? So, pray to God."

"ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS." Diving is not only fun for people to watch underwater creatures. It also promotes environmental awareness especially when diving enthusiasts visit a place like Palawan, which has preserved natural habitats.

During a gig at the 19 East Bar and Grill last February, PEP found out that Hale's vocalist, Champ Lui Pio, wants to go to El Nido, Palawan. He even said, "I have to save up for that."

Later on PEP knew that Champ was actually influenced by his good friend, Bianca King, who is also very fond of diving.

When PEP asked why she likes diving, Bianca explained, "Well, hindi lang naman siya [Champ Lui Po] yung na-convince ko. Actually, a lot of my friends are doing it din. It's just something that I love that I wanna share with other people because it's an awareness also.


"Through learning how to dive, you know, you kind of learn how to take care of the environment. It makes one more conscious that there is another world out there, there's nature—it's not just you, human being, living in this world."





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