Dingdong Dantes on maybe falling in love with Marian: "Lahat naman posible."

Despite showing great ease during their intimate scenes in Marimar, matinee idol Dingdong Dantes revealed that director Joyce Bernal's patience was pushed to the limits during the shoot.

"Pahirapan ‘yon," he revealed. "Kasi maraming takes kami ni Marian natatawa kasi kami so ‘di namin ginagawa, so pinapagalitan talaga kami ng director. Malalaman ng director ‘yon, kung peke &lsq

Now that Marimar had finally ended, young actor Dingdong Dantes feels sad and relieved at the same time.

Dingdong said that he would miss the company of his co-stars and the camaraderie they all experienced while doing the phenomenal series.

"Siguro love for the characters, not just my character, but more importantly Marimar's character and everyone else din, [like] Corazon. These people na napalapit talaga sa ‘kin," he shared with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last March 17 at the Circle Café in Quezon City during a meet and greet session with two lucky PEPsters.

MARIAN AND DYESEBEL. If there's one person Dingdong would surely not miss, it's no other than Marimar love interest Marian Rivera. Due to the warm response generated by their tandem, Dingdong and Marian were tapped by GMA-7 once more to give life to the legendary Mars Ravelo creation named Dyesebel.

Dingdong candidly admitted that he finds Marian very attractive and oozing with sex appeal. But did he entertain the thought of courting the pretty young actress, given his admiration?

"Lahat naman posible," he said. "But ako, as I always say, mas masaya ako kung anong meron kami. Kasi ‘pag pinasukan mo ng mga ganyan, ‘yang commitment, mas prone ‘yan para mag-away kayo, ‘di magkasunduan. So maapektuhan 'yong ginagawa mo, which I don't think would work best for us."

Dingdong gave PEP a glimpse of his upcoming character, which he said would be very different from the Sergio of Marimar.

"Si Fredo mas tarantado nang konti. Ano siya e, model siya, so medyo mas upscale 'yong mga ginagawa niya, mas high end. Sa ugali, hindi ko po alam, hindi pa nadi-discuss sa akin 'yong totoong Fredo kung ano 'yong mga weaknesses niya," confided Dingdong.

Physically, there'll be some drastic changes that would surely surprise his fans. But at this point, he'd rather keep the details to himself to keep the excitement burning.


As for the flow of the series, Dingdong excitedly revealed that Dyesebel would be more fun and less serious compared to its predecessor.

"Kasi alam n'yo sa Marimar masyadong seryoso 'yong atake namin because ‘yong mga problema niya talagang mabigat, mga suliranin—namatay si Ganyan, kinidnap si Ganyan, ang dami, lahat ng puwede nandoon....

"Naniniwala ako, mas light siya [Dyesebel] and makikita n'yo sa 'min is like a more playful Marian and Dingdong. Sa Marimar may times [na playful] pero hindi madalas. Siguro first few weeks lang ‘yon, sabay naging seryoso. Dito mas maraming ganito, so mas enjoy plus the fact na fantasy siya."

So, can the public expect more kissing this time around?

"Mas marami yon," he smiled teasingly. "Hindi ko alam. Alam mo ‘yong mga ganyan naman depende sa ‘min 'yon, e. Biro lang. Joke, joke, siyempre nasa script yon," he clarified good-naturedly.





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