17th season of U.S. reality show "Survivor" shooting in CamSur —report

The first-ever logo of Survivor.

Nasa Pilipinas nga ba ang next season ng U.S. reality TV show na Survivor?

Ang Survivor, a CBS reality show credited to Mark Burnett, ang isa sa dalawang shows that sparked the reality-TV concept around the world. The other one being the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

There have been at least 20 international versions of the game show na first produced in Sweden. But the U.S. version is the most popular and long lasting. Hosted by Jeff Probst, the first Survivor season was taped in Borneo with Richard Hatch as its first winner.

Airing na ngayon sa U.S. TV ang 16th season ng Survivor taped in Micronesia with the theme Fans vs. Favorites, kung saan 10 past superstars (or fan favorites) of the previous seasons compete against 10 self-confessed super fans of the series.

For its 17th season, nagtapos ang application noong January 24, 2008. Casting and pre-production are ongoing in Los Angeles. It was reported that production would start late June 2008.

Ngunit nitong nakaraang Holy Week, tourists and even local vacationers—including some celebrities—at pati na rin ang ibang mga mismong taga-Gota Beach sa Agirangan Island na part ng Caramoan Peninsula sa Camarines Sur were not allowed to enter the said beach resort to do their Semana Santa vacation. Doon daw kasi nagsu-shooting ang next season ng Survivor.

Among those who were around during the shoot na hindi rin nakapasok, nasabihan silang Celebrity Edition ang format ng next season ng Survivor. They were told that among the contestants are Jean Claude Van-Damme and Alicia Silverstone.

Walang ibang makapag-confirm nito sa amin, specially the inclusion of Van Damme and Alicia, lalo pa't taliwas ito sa official news ng Survivor na June pa ito sisimulan at may pa-audition sila—meaning non-showbiz type of contestants.





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