Judy Ann Santos scores 2 out of 5 in "Don’t Lie To Me" segment of Showbiz Central

Juday's first try on Showbiz Central's "Don't Lie To Me" segment might have made her nervous as some controversial questions netted out a "Lie."

It was very kind of Judy Ann Santos to take some time off from her busyschedule to guest in Showbiz Central's "Don't Lie To Me segment hostedby John "Sweet" Lapus yesterday, April 13.

The multi-tasking Judy Ann took on a new challenge as she sat for thelie detector test admits no reply except 'Truth' or 'Lie'. Though apparently nervous, Juday, as she is also called, kept her poise and smiled as she camewith her fans, all present to give their idol much neededsupport.

RYAN, ANDER DE SAYA? Not wasting time, John asked, "Question number one, under ba sa ‘yosi Papa Ryan [Agoncillo, Juday's boyfriend]?"

Showbiz Central enthusiasts may remember that Ryan Agoncillo already faced John and his lie detector almost a year ago, and the samequestion was asked to him. He replied a "No" though the machine called it a"Lie."

"No," Juday sweetly answered as the lie detector did its thing. Asit turned out, the machine disagreed as the official handling it raised thesign saying "Lie." Juday could only watch as John performed his signaturedance moves. After the performance, John asked the actress if Ryan is really anderde saya.


Juday explained, "Siguro kasi sa mga nilalabas namin na pelikula, TV, perohanggang doon lang yun. Siyempre, bakit mo naman aanderin ang lalakengnagbibigay ng happiness sa iyo, di ba?"

KISSING SCENE. Next question was, "Sa pelikulang My Kuya's Wedding, may isang matindingkissing scene si Ryan at si Pauleen Luna sa nasabing pelikula. Totoo ba na nagselos ka kay Pauleen sa nasabing pelikula?"

"No," Juday once again answered as she looked back at the machine analyzingher answer. Again, it disagreed as her answer turned out to be a "Lie." Theever-energetic John once again danced to the beat and showed his smooth"Dyesebel" dance move.

After the performance, John asked, "Napanood mo ba yung pelikula?"

"Oo naman!" Juday exclaimed. "Walang issue kasi artista si Ryan at artistadin ako. Wala akong dahilan para hindi maintindihan yung trabahong ginagawaniya. Ano lang naman yun, e, trabaho at part lang yun ng pelikula, so walangissue sa amin."


As for Ryan, does he feel jealous whenever Juday does some kissing scenes aswell?

"Wala namang ganung issue sa amin ni Ryan. Kasi bago ko pa gawin, e, pinapaalamko naman sa kanya. Since nung nag-umpisa na akong magbigay ng restrictions, Iwanted also to protect him from issues," said Juday.

TO THE NEXT LEVEL. "Eto na," John said as he prepared the next the question. "Lahat ng fans mo,e, dying to know kung plano n'yo na ba i-take ang relationship ninyo to thenext level. Pero totoo ba na plano n'yo na magpakasal ni Ryan next year?"

"No," Juday automatically answered. This time, John didn't have to dance asthe machine finally agreed and gave out a "Truth" sign.

So, when's the wedding if ever?

"Kung may planong pagpapakasal, siyempre sasagutin ko, e, ‘yes,'" Judayoffered. "Pero kung may planong magpapakasal next year, e, wala pa talaga dahilnag iipon pa at inaayos yung papers ni Yohan [Juday's child], so nasa proseso.At saka, walang rason para magmadali. Mag-enjoy tayo, mas masaya pagnag-e-enjoy tayo."


YOHAN. Since Juday mentioned her daughter Yohan, the next question was relateddirectly to her daughter. The question read, "Hindi pa daw kayo kasal ni Ryan,e, totoo ba na ‘Agoncillo' na daw ang gusto mong gamiting apelyido para sadaughter mo?"

"Yes" Juday shyly revealed. "Yohan Santos Agoncillo" must've sounded goodenough as the machine agreed to Juday's answer.

When asked to explain, Juday said, "Hindi pa puwedeng maging Agoncillo siYohan dahil hindi pa kami kasal ni Ryan, so yung papers ni Yohan ngayon, e,maging Santos muna. So ‘pag nagpakasal na kami ni Ryan, e, that's the time naia-adopt si Yohan para maging Agoncillo."

PHOTO SHOOT WITH CLAUDINE. John saved the best and controversial question for last as he brought out acopy of this month's Preview magazine. For those who don't know, the coverfeatured the sun-kissed faces of Juday and Claudine Barretto together withRuffa Gutierrez and Gretchen Barretto. News has it that Juday and Claudine wereactually not together on the same photo and that they held their photo shootsseparately. Is it true that Juday is avoiding Claudine?


"No," Juday confidently said. But the machine might've sensed something asJuday's answer turned out to be a "Lie." John screamed, as he once again dancedto the segment's beat.

When asked to clarify, Juday explained, "Hindi kami magkasama sa shoot dahilhindi nagma-match ang schedules namin. In fact, may mga sari-sariling kamingaraw ng pictorial dahil hindi nga kami magkasabay-sabay. Pero walang issue atwalang dahilan para hindi kami magsama ni Claudine dahil wala namang problema saaming dalawa."

When asked if there'sstill rivalry between her and Claudine, Juday explained: "Part ng competition yun, and sa aminni Claudine kasi, e, healthy competition yun. As long as we're friends and we'reokay, e, wala akong nakikitang problema. Siguro since matanda na kami pareho atmay pamilya na siya at ako papunta na din doon, e, I think it's also about timena yung mga sumusuporta sa amin, e, tapusin na din yung mga issue dahil I'msure tumatanda na din sila."





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