Richard Gutierrez discusses "Kamandag" and his experience narrating "Signos"

Richard Gutierrez talks about his feelings for Kamandag asthe show finally enters its final week. Richard also shares his capabilities assomeone starting out in the directing/choreographing scene. Lastly, he talksabout his role as narrator for GMA-7’s environmental documentary Signos.

Richard Gutierrez is undoubtedly one of the most soughtafter young actors of this generation. A succession of projects onTV and the movies continues to keep him busy.

Richard lent his voice as well to help enlighten people on the effects of global warming in GMA-7's special report, Signos,shown last night, April 20. With his busy schedule, does Richard ever find time for himself?

This is exactly what Showbiz Central found out asRichard appeared as guest in Showbiz Central and answered nearly all questions, like his feelings for the soon-to-end series, Kamandag; his mom Anabelle Rama's moviecomeback, and of course, his romantic involvement with women.

MIXED EMOTIONS FOR KAMANDAG. Host Pia Guanio's voice was nearly drowned out by the studio audiencescreaming as they welcomed Richard. After the cheers quieted down, Piaasked Richard about his feelings for Kamandag.

"Well, for me mixed emotions," Richard said, "because ofcourse I'm sad na matatapos na ang Kamandag. I had a great journey withthat show and I made a lot of new friends. The whole experience was fun for me.Pero siyempre, at the same time, I'm also excited dahil malapit na ang endingat climax ng story, and everyone is excited for the ending, you know. Andeveryone's just curious about ano yung mangyayari."


Pia couldn't agree more. She said, "Napakatindi daw ng fightscene na ginawa mo doon sa ending, that it even amounted into an injury.Nasaktan ka daw ng sarili mong kapatid [Elvis and Ritchie Paul]?"

"Well, you know what, Pia... Maraming hindi nakakaalam na itona viewers... Sa ginagawa kong trabaho, sa action sequences ko, it's not thefirst time naman na I got hurt and it's not the first time na I got an injury.Dahil sa dinami-dami ko na shows na action, marami na akong pinagdaanan.Kumbaga, it's part of the job. Na-highlight lang dahil kapatid ko ang ka-fightscene ko," Richard revealed.

"Ano'ng nangyari pagkatapos noon?" Pia immediately asked.

"Okay lang," Richard casually answered. "It's a minor injury,pero masakit. Hindi naman natin maiiwasan yun, ‘pag fight scenes ganun talaga."

DIREK RICHARD? Pia revealed that aside fromRichard doing his own fight scenes, he's also venturing into directing andfight choreography. Is Richard broadening his career path again?


Richard explained, "Well, sa Kamandag, Direk Mark [Reyes]gave me chance to suggest or choreograph some of my fight scenes. So it's moreof a collaboration for us, you know, for the whole team. I'm just givingmy input also, my suggestions, dahil yun nga, marami na akong fight scenes nanagawa, marami na akong shows na nagawa. So I also have my visions."

Does this mean future projects behind the scenes?

Richard beamed, "Speaking about future projects, mayupcoming show ako after Kamandag. GMA-7 is giving me an opportunity todirect my stunt scenes, so I'm very happy and it's an honor for me.Paninindigan ko yun. Right now, I'm doing my research and marami na akongideas. So, sa next show ko, abangan ninyo mga fight scenes. Magandang-magandapo ‘yan."

JENNY OR LILY? TIME TO CHOOSE, VERGEL. Since Kamandagwill finally end on Friday, April, 25, Pia and the crowd can't help but ask ifRichard's character would fall in love with Jenny (Jewel Mische) or Lily(Maxene Magalona).


"Hint lang," Pia pleaded. "Kasi siyempre, spoiler naman ifhe actually answers it."

"Alam mo hindi ko puwedeng sagutin ‘yan," Richardreluctantly said. "Kasi dapat yung audience dapat abangan ‘yan. Dahil isa sakaabang-abang naman ‘yan sa Kamandag, so exciting."

GREENPEACE WARRIOR. Pia shared withthe audience Richard's participation on GMA-7's documentary called Signos.When asked about the documentary, Richard had nothing but praise.

"You know what, Pia, it was really an amazing idea and handsdown talaga ako sa News and Public Affairs ng GMA-7, na they had this greatidea of giving chance na maging aware ang tao sa environment ng Pilipinas. Thisis the first documentary of its kind in the Philippines na talagang binigyannila ng panahon. I think they made this for six months... Ako po ang nag-narratediyan. Parang first time ko sa News and Public Affairs."

How does it feel being a narrator for public awareness?

"Alam mo, sobrang na-excite talaga ako and thank yousa News and Public Affairs for getting me. I felt like a journalist at onepoint. Mahirap mag-relate pala ng story," the young actor said.





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