Heart Evangelista explains relationship with Manila Genesis Entertainment

"Hi, babe, umuwi ka na. Umuwi na siya kasi two months pa siya doon, so medyo matagal-tagal pa,"said Heart Evangelista to her boyfriend Jericho Rosales, who is currently tapinga telenovela in Malaysia.

After signing a two-year exclusive contract with GMA Networklast April 23, people were surprised that Heart Evangelista was represented byher father Mr. Reynaldo Ongpauco and Annabelle Rama.

What happened with Manila Genesis Manila Entertainment,which was known to have been managing her career during the last part of herstay in ABS-CBN?

In a previous article published in PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal), Heart said that she is now co-managed by her parents andAnnabelle Rama. She also clarified thatafter her parents decided to sign a contract with GMA-7, she informed Mr. JohnnyManahan of Star Magic and Angeli Pangilinan of Genesis about it. (Click here to read full article)

To further explain about her relationship with Genesis,Heart was interviewed by StarTalk during the Nestea Beach Volleyballevent in Boracay.

Heart said, "Wala naman akong contract [withGenesis]. They were just so nice tohelp me at the time that I needed people by my side. And that's why now, kaya hindi nila ako pinapirma ng kontratadahil alam nila na dadating yung time na magbabati kami ng parents ko, and yungparents ko naman yung nagha-handle ng career ko ever since din."


StarTalk then asked, "Bakit hindi Genesis angnag-represent sa 'yo?"

Heart answered, "You know, I haven't really thought of thatbut it's because with my dad, parang close siya kay Tita Annabelle,siguro because magbarkada sila ever since dati, noong dalaga pa si TitaAnnabelle. So parang mas makakaanosiguro, ewan ko, siguro yung rapport nila siguro iba kaya ganun."

In connection to her relationship with Genesis, rumors alsocame out saying that Angeli handled Heart's bank account while she was stillunder her managerial team.

"You know, with Genesis, we work as a team," the youngactress defended. "I don't want anybody to think really bad about Genesis. They've handled my career the best that theycould. They did everything for me.

"For me, people will say whatever they wanna say, angimportante kasi kami ni Tita Angeli, okay kami. Yun lang ang importante doon, so I don't want to put malice toTita Angeli because she did a good job, she took care of me very well. And I'm very grateful for that."


Again, Heart was asked if Angeli was holding her bankaccount before. Heart indirectlyanswered, "She helped me manage my [finances] kasi bata ako, e, baka saan kolang magastos. Hindi sa hawak niya atwala akong say. No. She help me decide with, you know, bigthings, like kung saan ko i-invest."

TRANSFER CAUSED A RIFT. In an interview with PEP, Heart related that when she told Angeli about hertransfer, "Tita Angeli is happy sa decision ngparents ko, but she will be still there to guide me spiritually." (Click here to read full article)

However, in yesterday's (April 26) column of Jun Nardo in Abante with the headline "Angeli Pangilinan, galit na galit kay Heart Evangelista," thiscontradicted Heart's statement.

According to the said article, there is a crrent frictionbetween Angeli and ex-members of Professional Artists Managers, Inc. (PAMI)—particularly with Shirley Kuan, an ex-member of PAMI and former manager ofHeart— due to a heated exchange of text messages.


The article read: "We need not publish yung text ni Angelikay Heart na ipinadala kay Shirley dahil matalim ang laman. Nabanggit kasi niyasa text si Shirley na nagulat sa akusa­yon sa kanya. Sumagot sa text si Shirleypero through PAMI president June Rufino. Matalim din ang tugon niya pero ewankung ipo-forward ito ni June kay Angeli, huh!

"Reading bet­ween the lines, nagalit si Angelisa paglipat ni Heart, pati na sa mga tao sa likod ng pag­lipat nito. Feeling ni Angeli, na­bastos siya sanangyari lalo na nga't may blind item pa siyang nabasa na lubhang ikinasamaniya ng loob.

"Ethics ang ipinaglalaban ni Angeli sa ginawa ni Heart, herparents at iba pang involved sa paglipat niya. Heto ang part ng text niyang[Angeli] apparently ay ikinasama niya [Shirley] ng loob. ‘What your (Heart)parents did to Genesis and ABS-CBN will go down as the lowest of ethics inorder to strike a good deal.'"


The article said that Shirley felt that she was defamed soshe will take action with regards to Angeli'saccusations about her.

BREAK UP WITH JERICHO. Upon signing a contract with GMA Network, Heart was asked about her relationship with boyfriend Jericho Rosales, who is veryidentified with her former mother network, ABS-CBN.

An article allegedly said that Heart admitted that she and Jericho have broken up already while she was in a bar.

"Well, you know, I do go out and I hang outwith my friends pero hindi ako nagkakalat in public. And something so private like that, I think I'd keep to myself ifit were true. But it's not true," Heart said.

The said article also reported that the two decided to cooloff. But Heart denied this. She said that write-ups like this came out because she and Jericho were notoften seen together.

She explained, "Well, it's not cool off but at this momentin our lives na everything is starting to happen again—with his career, hestill has a Hollywood movie, now he's doing an international soap opera—parangthis is the time that we need to give time for ourselves.


"Kumbaga, we need to do, what we need to do first now, yungpriorities namin. Nandoon din siya,kasama din sa priority ko. Pero kumbaga magpo-focus din kami sa careernamin. Basta, at the end of the day,kaming dalawa, okay kami"





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