Dr. Vicki Belo plans global campaign for Belo Medical Group

Dr. Vicki Belo with Belo Medical Group endorser RuffaGutierrez, whom she says represents the total package of a Belo beauty.

Usap-usapan sa launching ni RuffaGutierrez bilang endorser ng Belo Medical Group noong Wednesday, June 18, na napakalaki ng talent fee naibinayad sa kanya ni Dr. Vicki Belo para iwananang dati niyang ini-endorse na beauty clinic.

In fact, mismong ang ina at manager ni Ruffa na si Annabelle Rama ang nagsabisa presscon na inaalok pa ng P10 million deal si Ruffa ng dati niyang beautyclinic. Pero iba rito ang Belo Medical Group, pahiwatig ni Dr. Belo:

"Belo never really buys endorsers. As you can see, mostof these people are really our patients. We don't go around, you know, payingpeople to become our endorsers. So, usually, she comes to our clinic first andthen we approach them and say, ‘Baka you want to become an endorser and make itofficial already?'"

Anong particular treatment or product sa Belo Medical Group ang ini-endorseni Ruffa?

"Si Claudine [Barretto], smart lipo. Katrina [Halili] is agua lipo.Actually for Ruffa, she's going to be a bit different because she's more of acorporate endorser. More like the person who...she is not after this for theservice thing. But you know, for us she fits the total package of a Belo beauty andshe will have a very big campaign.

"You will see nakakagulat na billboard sa EDSA. Ang problem lang siguro,medyo marami lang ang endorsers namin so, mahina ang campaign for eachperson.

"But we're going to launch after Ruffa, another endorser in about a monthfor the non-surgical [services]. We have a new Belo shaper using ultrasonicenergy to melt fat. Very effective to those who are afraid of havingliposuction. Non-surgical po ito. Ruffa muna for one month and then we'lllaunch the next star.

"My purpose in life, as you can see, is not only forBelo, but for the Philippines to be recognized around the world as animportant player in the beauty industry. That's why, you know, we buy the bestmachine, I go abroad and give papers, I give talks. Para malaman naman ng buongmundo na hindi naman tayo 'third world' pagdating po sa pagpapaganda. And I'm sohappy because the Belo Essentials products have become a big hit notonly locally, but I know in the Middle East it's popular. That's why my CEO po,si Mr. Eric Soriano, the reason why he's on board is because he will be the oneto bring Belo Medical Group and Belo Medical Products global."


Si Ruffa raw ang endorser ng buong Belo Medical Group.

"Actually, si Ruffa hindi nagpapa-surgery yan. Gustoniya non-surgical. E, marami na kami ngayong machine na non-surgical skintightening. But she is in the right weight and everything. Kaya lang merongstretch marks ng konti, tini-treat.

"Then, of course she's in her 30's. Her idea kasi issmart. I-maintain niya what I look like now. Para hindi may malaking procedurein the future. Nasa clinic siya every week. Kung ano lang ang ginagawa? Smallthings."

Napansin lang ng iba na naging kahawig na ni Ruffa ang isapa nilang celebrity endorser na si Sarah Geronimo sa poster niya with Belo.

"Talaga? Same photographer ba?" tanong ni Dr.Vicki sa kanyang staff.

Dahil si Ruffa ang endorser ng buong Belo Medical Group, mas mataas kaya ang talent fee niya kaysa kay Sarah?

"Hindi. Hindi definitely yun.Talagang ano, wala... Nocomment na lang about TF. But I promise you it's not big."

Next week ang kapatid naman ni Ruffa na si Richard Gutierrez angsusunod na ila-launch bilang endorser ng Forever Flawless na pag-aari rin niDr. Belo.

Samantala, kinumpirma rin ni Dr. Belo na ang internationalstar na si Billy Crawford ang most recent endorser na pumirma sa kanila ngkontrata.

"We're going global and Billy is an international star.You know, when I was in Paris about two years ago, I was so impressed kasi in aVirgin Records Studio bar, pagpasok ninyo po, lahat-lahat talaga ng picture,puro Billy Crawford and kilalang-kilala siya sa Europe.

"I think Billy is trying to make it in the States, so aspart of the global thrust of Belo, because we're planning to put up branches inthe U.S. and Middle East...so, I think Billy Crawford is perfect as an endorseralso, kasama si Ruffa," pagtatapos ni Dr. Belo.





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