Angelika dela Cruz disclaims rumor she and non-showbiz boyfriend have already wed

Wedding bells may be ringingthis time for Angelika dela Cruz as rumors concerning her and her boyfriendcontinue to get louder. But she denies it all while protecting his privacy as a non-showbiz guy.

Fans of Angelika dela Cruz have good reasonto speculate about their idol since rumors suggest that Angelika has already tiedthe knot with a man referred to only as "Mr. Orion." Startalk host Butch Franciso interviewed Angelika yesterday viaphone patch to ask whether or not the good news was true.

"Totoo bang magpapakasal ka sa isang ‘Orion'?"Butch asked.

"Uy, hindi," exclaimed Angelika. "Hindi,wala pa! If ever naman na mangyayari iyon, e, magiging proud ako at ia-announceko pa yun. Hindi ko po yun itatago."

Butch followed, "Kailan ito kung sakali?"

"Wala pa naman kaming ganoon usapan,"Angelika explained. "Pero, ako po, kung ako tatanungin, e, siyempre gusto ko pona siya [Orion] na. Pero hindi pa napag-uusapan, e, kaya hindi pa akomakapagsalita, Tito Butch."

CODENAME:ORION. The man known only as "Mr. Orion" gotButch's curiosity to the point that he asked Angelika, "Sino ba si Oriontalaga?"

"Si Orion po, non-showbiz boyfriend kofor three years po," Angelika answered.

Sensing that Angelika wasn't giving awaymuch information on the guy, Butch immediately followed, "Ano negosyo niya?"

"Ah, kung anu-ano po," Angelika said,laughing.

Not quite content with the scarce infoAngelika was giving to him, Butch got back to the wedding rumor, saying, "Uhm,may apelyido na ba, like Angelika dela Cruz-Orion ba o ano?"

"Hindiko po talaga masabi," Angelika said. "Siguro po kung nag-propose napo siya."

When Butch egged her on for more details aboutthe mysterious non-showbiz boyfriend, he got only an apologeticresponse. Angelika said, "As much as possible hindi ko talaga pinag-uusapansince...siyempre po yung tao, hindi naman showbiz at nahihiya ako sa pamilyaniya."





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