Derek Ramsey denies rumored breakup with Angelica Panganiban

Hunky actor Derek Ramsey explains the rumored breakup withhis girlfriend Angelica Panganiban. Hesays that it is just unfortunate that at the time when they are having problemsas a couple, this kind of rumor comes out.

At the grand press conference of the teleserye Iisa PaLamang two weeks ago, TV Patrol World reported that young actress AngelicaPanganiban almost cried when asked about the rumored breakup with boyfriendDerek Ramsey.

In the interview, Angelica said that she's still in lovewith her boyfriend. She also said thatthere is no truth in the third-party issue, which allegedly caused theirrumored breakup. "Kung hindi ko naman mahal 'yong tao, hindi naman namin kailangang isipin angkapakanan ng isa't isa, di ba?" said the young actress.

Although she neither denied nor confirmed the rumor,Angelica said that this issue is the biggest trial in their relationship. She further said, "'Yong status din namannamin, hindi namin alam dahil may inaayos kaming mga problema. 'Tapos nagkasabay lang ng isyu nghiwalayan. So, hindi namin alam talagakung ano ang isasagot namin. Naguguluhan din kaming dalawa."

To get the side of the other party, PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal) was able to have a short chat with Derek during theStarServe: Celebrities for a Cause event held last night, July 20, at TGIF restaurant, Glorietta 3 in Makati City.

The hunky actor said, "Well, there's no truth to it." In fact, according to Derek, he would beseeing his girlfriend after the event.

Derek said, "We said naman, e, nagkaroon kami ng tampuhanand tumiyempo siya sa paglalabas ng mga rumors. But there's no truth to it nawala na kami, ganito-ganito, nothing like that."

He also told PEP that he knew about the incident whenAngelica almost cried at a presscon. "You know, umiyak siya, hindi nga niya sinabi sa akin kasi it wasn'tanything important. I was told aboutthe interview that she turned back and cried.

"Pero that was more of frustration niya na paulit-ulit nayung tanong. It's natural, you know,pagod, galing taping, 'tapos presscon. That's why she cried, that's what she told me anyway. You know, she broke down and admitted it."


Lastly, Derek said that he wanted to explain everything sothat nobody, especially their fans, would blame anyone for the rumors that cameout. "Ayaw ko naman na mag-start ng warsila, kasalanan ni Angel, kasalanan ni ko. Ayaw ko nang ganung ang lumabas kasi parang may ganun na lumalabas."





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