Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis team up for the first time in period film "Baler"

"Excited ako na maka-work si Anne.I know that she's very good and hardworking, not to mention very beautiful," says Jericho Rosales about Baler leading lady Anne Curtis.

In 1898, a band of Spanish soldiers heroically defended Balerin Aurora province against Filipino forces for 337 long and grueling days. Thebattle, now referred to as the Siege of Baler, is the setting of a forbiddenlove between an Indio soldier and a Filipina lass who lived at the end of the19th century. This period film titled Baler is the official entry ofViva Films to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) this December.

Combining fact and fiction, Baler features the first team-up of JerichoRosales and Anne Curtis. As Celso Resurrecion, Jericho is a half-Indio,half-Spanish soldier who is part of the 57-man rifle battalion that stubbornlyholed up in the church of Baler. He and the other soldiers refused to believethat the war was over and in the process, they suffered from malnutrition andmalaria.

Anne is cast as Echo's leading lady, Feliza Reyes, who is the daughterof Nanding (Phillip Salvador). As the head of the rebel group, Nanding is angry at Celso and the Spanish invaders. He cannot accept the fact that his owndaughter could betray him by falling in love with the "traitor" Celso.


The grand press conference of Baler held earlier today,August 21, at the Bayview Salon of Hyatt Hotel in Malate, Manila was aFilipiniana-themed event with the men wearing Barong Tagalog and Anne (the solefemale in attendance) wore an off-white terno.

According to Viva chairman Vic del Rosario Jr., thishistorical film has a budget of approximately P70 to P100 million. With many hours spent in doing research and the elaborate costumes and propsto be used in the film, Baler is surely one for the history books. DirekMark Meily even pointed out, "We are rebuilding the whole church, both inside andout, in the vicinity of Baler. We are rebuilding the town of Baler as it was110 years ago."

Around seventy percent of the film will be in Spanish, whichis why cast members have been studying the language as early as a few weeksago. They are scheduled to shoot the film in Baler, Quezon, starting August 26.


Echo believes that Filipinos can learn a lot from thishistorical film. "Nung unang sinabi sa akin na Baler, akala ko tungkol sasurfing. Sabi ko, okay yun para kung break time, magse-surf ako. Pero nungnabasa ko, mahalaga ang kuwento ng Baler. Its about time for us to createsomething like this, maraming estudyante, maraming Pilipino ang hindinakakaalam ng kuwento ng Baler."

For Anne, she believes that Baler is a good venue forher to grow as an actress. "Noon pa man, sinasabi ko na gusto kong mag-acceptng character roles. Sa career ko, yun ang gusto ko talaga. Never pa akongnakagawa ng ganitong pelikula. First time kong gumawa ng epic and althoughfictional lang yung characters, it's very challenging."

Baler marks the first time that Echo and Anne will work together in aproject. How did he prepare for this new team-up? "

Nililimitahan ko ang sariliko na huwag magkagusto sa kanya," he jokes. "Excited ako na maka-work si Anne.I know that she's very good and hardworking, not to mention very beautiful."


Anne also expressed her enthusiasm for the chance to workwith Echo. "I was excited po kasi never ko pa siyang nakaka-work and gusto koiba-iba rin ang makapareha ko sa career ko kasi ibang partner, ibang chemistry.Iba rin ang makikita mo sa sarili mo. Excited rin ako kasi nanonood ako noon ngPangako sa ‘Yo [Echo's former teleserye with Kristine Hermosa in ABS-CBN]. I know how him asan actor, alam ko po ang capability niya."

LOVE SCENE. As lovers in the film, Jericho and Anne could not escapequestions about their kissing scenes and their love scene in the movie.

"Pag may love scene, ang equivalent sa tenga ng tao, isanglust scene. But it's not, especially in 1898. Pinag-usapan namin ni Direk Markon how to go about the scene and how we will execute that. As lovers,meron kaming napakagandang tagpuan and we have odds against us. Ang love sceneang maglilitaw sa pag-iibigan nina Feliza at Celso."


To this, Anne comments: "I don't think Baler is justabout the love scene, it's about the love between Celso and Feliza."

Since Anne is exclusively dating Sam Milby, is he okay with the fact that Annewill have a love scene in Baler?

"Of course, Sam knows and sa amin niSam, trabaho ‘to. We respect each other's art and each other's issue so walangissue dun."

This MMFF entry also marks Echo's first time to work for Viva Films. The othercast members of Baler are: Baron Geisler, Bernard Palanca, CarloAquino, DJ Durano, Joel Torre, Mark Bautista, Michael de Mesa, and RyanEigenmann. Baler is one of eight Metro Manila Filmfest entries opening onDecember 25, 2008.





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