Eraserheads reunion concert under new sponsor no longer free but better organized

Ina text message received by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last night,August 24, a source confirmed that giant tobacco company, Philip Morris, hasabandoned the Eraserheads reunion concert and entrusted the project to anew sponsor. "The event will still push through under a different organizer toavoid health issues with DOH. Philip Morris sold the event to a productiongroup. They are now selling tickets. General admission is at P1,500,&quo

Fansof the Eraserheads were alarmed over the weekend when the rumor spreadthat the much anticipated one-night reunion gig of the legendary Filipino bandwill not materialize on August 30 due to Philip Morris' failure to secure apermit from the authorities.

Sincenews of its involvement surfaced, the tobacco company has been caught in bitterword war with the Department of Health (DOH) and other health-advocacygroups. The DOH cited Republic Act No. 9211 as basis for threatening totake legal action against Philip Morris should the company continueto sponsor the event.

"Ifwe are able to show and prove that this concert is actually sponsored by you,by Philip Morris, then we will truly train our guns on you for clearlyviolating the law," Health Undersecretary Alexander Padilla warned PhilipMorris in a press conference a couple of weeks back.

RA9211, also known as the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, strictly prohibitstobacco companies from sponsoring any sports, cultural, and artistic events ofindividual or team athletes, artists and performers.


"Masakitna ang ulo ng organizer," lamented a PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)source two weeks ago. Our mole, who has access inside the tobacco firm, wasobviously pertaining to all the legal questions being raised against thecompany.

PhilipMorris's flagship cigarette brand, Marlboro, was the mastermind behind the bigevent and fans were simply instructed to register online to gain instant accessto the concert without the need to shell out cash. Legal impediments, however,prohibited the giant tobacco company from orchestrating its plan. In theend, the firm was left with no choice but to seek another party willingto save the project.

ALL SYSTEMS GO. Eraserheads drummerRaimund Marasigan assured the public that the concert will definitely pushthrough this coming August 30 as Philip Morris successfully handed down theproject to another company during the weekend. The team assigned to oversee theentire production has reportedly started working overtime in preparation forSaturday's event.

Thechange of sponsor consequently altered the original plan as envisioned byPhilip Morris. If the concert was initially designed to be free of charge andstrictly for adults only, the new setup now requires the public to purchasetickets to gain admission inside the open-air venue at The Fort, Taguig City.


Accordingalso to Marasigan, details about the concert will be announced tomorrow, August 26, throughvarious media outlets, like radio and newspapers.

Thehasty arrangement understandably worried some fans, particularly when it comesto security issues.

"Thisis a big event and parang nakakatakot lang dahil mukhang minadali lahat. Sananaman huwag maging magulo kasi for sure marami talagang manonood," remarked aloyal fan to PEP upon learning of the new arrangement.

Someindividuals, on the other hand, favored the traditional method of ticketselling instead of online registration since Philip Morris, they alleged,provided little information to the public on how to gain admission and in theprocess only caused confusion among the fans.

Theyalso cited that selling tickets is more appropriate and fair since the majoritywon't have to adhere to the age-restriction policy, previously intended toplease the supposed adult market of cigarette manufacturers.

"Masokay na ‘yong ganito kesa naman doon sa magre-register ka pa. Malabo naman dinkasi ‘yong unang system considering ‘yong magnitude nung event. At leastngayon, malinaw na kung saan and paano makakakuha ng ticket and mas sigurado namaraming makakapanood," reasoned Mark, a fan of the Eraserheads since the bandarrived commercially in 1993.


Asfor the ticket prices, PEP received a report earlier today that general admissiontickets will be sold at P1,500.





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