Annabelle Rama accuses GMA-7 exec Wilma Galvante of being too personal against son Richard Gutierrez

For Annabelle Rama, the decisionsand actions taken by GMA-7 as approved by executive Wilma Galvante (inset, with Richard) clearly illustratedthe network's desire to harm the potential success of Richard Gutierrez's moviewith KC Concepcion.

It might be strictly professionalin the eyes of GMA-7 Senior Vice President for Entertainment Wilma Galvante—butnot if you ask Annabelle Rama.

Lashing out anew, the feisty talentmanager accused the network executive of playing personal against her son,Richard Gutierrez, by deliberately pitting the grand birthday celebration ofDingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera against the opening day of Richard's movie withKC Concepcion, For The First Time, last August 27.

In an interview with a majorbroadsheet, Annabelle remarked that Ms. Galvante has never been fond of Richardand she clearly demonstrated that fact by exhausting all possible efforts tothwart any promotional activities carried out by her son to promote For The First Time. The staging of Dingdongand Marian's birthday spectacle dubbed as Let'sCelebrate at the Araneta Coliseum ultimately proved to be the last straw for Annabelle.

“Sabotahe!” Rama said in the interview. “Sa umpisa pa lang magkagalit na talaga kami niWilma. Si Annette and Felipe Gozon lang ang may gusto kay Richard.” Annabelle was referring to GMA-7 President Atty. Gozon and his daughter, Annette, who is the president of GMA Films.

Although part of GMA-7's stableof young stars, Richard was allowed to do Forthe First Time, which wasproduced by Star Cinema—the film production outfit of GMA-7's rival, ABS-CBN.

KC, who on the other hand is anABS-CBN star, would likewise return the favor by starring in a movie next year alsowith Richard, this time under GMA Films.

As a mother and talent manager,Annabelle justified her attacks against the network executive by stressing thatshe's only out to protect Richard against the unfair treatment accorded to himby his home network since he got involved with the film project.

Annabelle claimed that GMA-7 did not help promote Richard's movie with KC for Star Cinema. She added, “Tinapatan nila ang lahat ng TV appearances ni Richard sa ABS-CBN. Kungmay utak siya [Galvante], dapat naisip niyang this is Richard’s movie.”


NO PEACE IN SIGHT. Yesterday, August 28, Wilma Galvante addressedthe worsening issue by coolly saying, "Personally, we do not have a quarrelwith Annabelle. Wala rin akong quarrel with her and we have not violated anycontract with her. We're always careful in implementing the contract."

In an initial tirade, Annabellequestioned GMA-7's decision to stage Let'sCelebrate on the same date of For theFirst Time's big screen debut. Richard's camp felt slighted with what theyassumed as a deliberate strategy by the network big wigs to divide publicattention which would consequently diminish the movie's impact.

"Birthday ni Dingdong, August 2,at si Marian August 12. Ano ba ‘yan, dong! Ang layo ng 27 para mag-celebrate.Puwede naman 14, 15, 16, 17. Bakit tumapat sa play date ng mga bata [Richardand KC]? Wednesday pa, 'tapos free pa! Puwede namang weekend dahil Araneta yun.Sinadya talagang araw ng showing, hindi ko maintindihan," lamented Annabellelast August 22 when she guested in a showbiz radio talk show.

Wilma explained that they choseAugust 27 simply because that's the only available date presented to them bythe Araneta Coliseum management.

"Hindi namin hawak ang booking ngAraneta Coliseum and I was told, fully booked na sila sa original date na gustonamin, which is August 29 and 30. Two days talaga dahil ang isang araw is forthe set-up. You can check with the booking of Araneta at wala talagang librengdate kundi August 27," she reasoned. (Click here to read related article.)

In her recent publishedinterview, Annabelle never denied that she is considering the idea of movingRichard to a new network in the immediate future, citing "lack of support"coming from GMA-7 as a solid basis for them to do such action.

Also, Annabelle slammed Galvante'sclaim that she never replied in any of her text messages. On one occasion,Annabelle shared that the network executive replied warning her that thecontent of her messages are prone to a lawsuit.






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