Bea Alonzo talks about "Betty La Fea" and going out with Jake Cuenca

Due to fans' demand, ABS-CBN decidedto team up Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz again in the upcoming comedyseries I Love Betty La Fea.

Bea Alonzo, who looked far from hercharacter in ABS-CBN's new primetime show ILove Betty La Fea, gets interviewed by TheBuzz host Ruffa Guttierez, who happens to be Bea's co-star in the upcoming show.In the office set of I Love Betty La Fea,Ruffa sat down with Bea to talk about Bea's experiences in the show, herlove life, and of course, playing the title character.

"Bea, ngayon, mukhang blooming na bloomingka," Ruffa said, "and nag-break up na kayo ni Mico Palanca. Have you gottenover him and have you found a new love?"

"I must say that I'm in the process ofmoving on," Bea revealed. "Kasi, hindi mo naman yun gagawin overnight, e.Siguro puwedeng mawala ang love or yung feeling, pero hindi mawawala yungpinagsamahan ninyo. When it comes to love ulit, falling in love again, hindi paako ready."


"Isa sa mga reasons siguro kaya Idecided na mag isa ulit is to make myself whole again," Bea said. "And, nandoonpa ako sa process of making myself whole again."


Is she ready to entertain other suitors?

"Nag-decide ako na friendship na langmuna ang io-offer ko," said Bea. "Kung may magawan ng foundation at magtuloysaan man, e, it's God's plan na. Hindi ko na choice."

DATINGJAKE CUENCA. Shifting to Jake Cuenca, Ruffaasked if the Palos star had anymeaning to Bea's life right now. Bea however said that she didn't want to put any label on Jake since it would only create complicated issues. "Rightnow," Bea added, "all I can say is that we go out, we see each other and we'rehappy. We enjoy each other's company."

"He's more than a Kapamilya," Ruffacommented.

"I haven't thought about that, yet," Bealaughed as if getting Ruffa's meaning. "Hindi ko alam kung paano ko sasagutinbut he's fun to be with, actually."

ASBETTY LA FEA. Ruffa,who portrays Bea's boss Daniela in the show, jokingly commented that Bea's fansmight go wild over Ruffa's role as a mean boss who always pushes Bea around.


"Baka naman mga fans mo batuhin na akong kamatis, tsinelas. Sana huwag ninyo akong batuhin dahil role lang po iyon,"Ruffa quipped.

Laughing, Bea praised Ruffa by saying, "I must say sobrang nice [si Ruffa] in real life. I'mreally glad na nakatrabaho kita ngayon."

"Anong mga eksena natin na pinaka-favoritemo so far?" Ruffa asked.

Bea smiled, "Siguro yungbinato mo ako ng bulaklak. Yun talaga yung na-feel ko na nakakatakot siDaniela."

On leading men, why was Bea paired up withJohn Llyod Cruz as Armando?

"Why not Piolo, or Jake, or Gabby orAga?" Ruffa asked. "Sino bang nag-request or papaano napili si John Llyod bilangArmando?"

"Surprise din sa akin, e," admitted Bea."I never knew na siya pa rin. Feeling ko, pinagbigyan ng ABS-CBN yung demandsng fans. How aggressive they can be para lang sa aming dalawa. Ayaw nila kamingpaghiwalayin."





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